Thanks for Everything

“Thanks for everything”

by ChefSmitty
(Long Time Major Command Risk Game Player and Valued Contributor)


“Thanks For Everything” is a message that was posted in the Private Support section of our Forums. ChefSmitty has graciously allowed us to share it with you.Originally posted in the forum on September 4, 2014
Howdy Sheriff,

I guess with the new regime taking over I feel the need to express my story to you guys, Sheriff or whoever might follow up on this.

I work in the food service industry. and I’m sure most of you have experienced this work yourselves, or at least know someone who has. It’s long, late hours. Staff usually consist of young “kids” needing a place to earn quick cash to well, party with. I used to be one of these kids. I did my time as the young and dumb and to be honest, I let it get the best of me. Long story short, I woke up one morning and realized that I was an alcoholic. It was a rude awakening that has seen many jobs lost, and a divorce that really sent my addiction into a tailspin. Anyway, October 12th will be 4 years of sobriety for me. Since then I begged my way into an opportunity to be Executive Chef/General Manager of a quite successful restaurant in my city. My girlfriend (who stood by me through all of this) have since bought a house and have a beautiful son Jackson who just turned 3. Yeah do the math, I can’t help think somebody was rewarding me for getting shit together. The hardest part of sobriety was not giving up the booze, it was finding something to do with the time I spent at the bars. It was finding an escape from a hectic and stressful job. Then came Major Command. I stumbled across the site by just wanting to play RISK online. It was a God-sent. I’m sure this sounds nuts to some of you, but it was the stress relief, the killing time, the thing that occupied me to keep me from temptation. I tell you guys this because though its just a game, and its just for fun, I just thought you should know that this little site has made a huge difference in someone’s life. You should be proud of it, as I’m sure in some way you may have helped someone else through tough times. Like I said; this might just sound crazy to you, but with everything I’ve have, I thank you. You have helped turn my life around.

So, I have had an issue with my payment before and brought it to Bado’s attention, as I feel I owe anything you ask from me to you. Believe me, I cant pay you enough for what this site has meant to me for the last 3 years. I’m just worried about games I’m currently in, or am awaiting, as I don’t want to be limited by them. Some are team games that would not be fair to the other players.

I’m sure you’re shaking your head wondering why this long ramble. I just thought the new regime should know that you’re doing good things for people…. and it is much appreciated!

Thanks for everything.
by ChefSmitty.

Reduced Membership Fees

Enjoy Our Reduced Membership Fees

Play Risk Reduced Membership Fees

As part of our ongoing reconstruction efforts, we have decided to reward our loyal members, as well as entice some new players to join, by changing our membership prices.

Our new membership prices have been reduced by 50%!!

The new prices are as follows:

6 month Silver Strategist membership (previously $10) is now $4.95
6 month Gold Commander membership (previously $20) is now $9.95

Upgrade Membership Play Risk Online

DON’T WORRY!! We haven’t forgotten about you!! If you had purchased a membership within the last 12 months, then we have extended your current membership subscription by 6 months from it’s previous date of expiry!

For example:

  • If your membership expires on Nov 1, 2014,
    it will now expire on May 1, 2015.
  • If your membership expired on June 1, 2014,
    it will now expire on Dec 1, 2014

There is nothing you need to do, these changes should already have taken place. Please check your SETTINGS PAGE to view the changes. If you think something is not correct, please leave a message in the PRIVATE SUPPORT FORUM and we will get it right.



P.S. If you received an email stating that your Subscription has been cancelled, Don’t worry. It’s only your subscription that was cancelled (your auto-payment plan) with our old provider, NOT your membership!

Major Command Needs Online Assistant

Online Assistant – volunteer

Last month Major Command Risk game has been just released out online. Since opening our door, active users count has grown some 400% and over. Our staff and volunteers count has grown … well, not much at all. That’s why we are calling for volunteers to step and help us to improve the most reliable strategy gaming site on the web. Please, if you are up for the task then let us know. Here are the current available positions:


An important position to the community of Major Command, as a dispatcher you will be in charge of maintaining the queue and dispatch system. You need to have your ear to the ground and be able to highlight events, threads, and other ongoings that the Major Command public may be hungry for. You will also have to craft appealing dispatch images so some photoshop or image editing skills are desired. We are looking for one single person for this position and you would be entitled to Commander Class for as long as you serve as Dispatcher. Please contact Badorties if you are interested.

Risk Strategy Game Online Assistant Ambassador


We need able bodies to join the Embassy and be the friendly face for new recruits and the curious public. Your duties will be to respond to public and private requests for information as well as organize and assist public events, such as Survivor games and other activities in the forum and around the site. You will be on the front lines in the battle for morale! Membership entitles you to free Commander class as long as you actively serve the Embassy. Contact Badorties if you are interested.

Risk game Tournament Organizer

Tournament Organizers

Be part of the small but growing tournament system here at Major Command. We need honorable men and women to create and run tournaments using our own tourney system. You will also be providing feedback and suggestions on the future of the tournament system. Tournaments are going to be a big part of Major Command’s future, especially when you can win real money, so we need creative and eager Tournament Organizers today! Please contact Incandenza if you are interested.

Major Command Logo Online Assistant

The Wiki Bar

Join us jaded and oft-drunken writers in filling out and crafting the home of Major Command Risk. The wiki is an important resource here and we need those skilled with the pen and mind to bring it to its full potential. You will be responsible for creating and maintaining content in the wiki. If you have a desire to record the life of Major Command, please contact KungFuDuet.

Thank you to all your volunteer work and for making Major Command the best place to play Risk online free.

Map Assistants and Ambassadors Wanted

Map Assistants and Game Ambassadors

Play Risk Map Assistants Ambassadors
Map assistants are very important partners to us while creating new strategy maps for Major Command Risk online games. Gearing up for going public again, the responsibilities of CentCom are the creation of a good clip. We are looking for interested and able Risk players to report for the following positions: Map Assistants and Game Ambassadors.

The first one described here by our Major Command Studios head, Shepherd. We’re currently seeking folks with sharp eyes and impeccable taste to serve as map assistants in our Screening Room. The screening room is where our map artists craft future Major Command Risk maps, working on everything from the placement of the regions down to the width of the map’s troop containers. This is not the place for user-generated map development; that is still to come. This is a viewing room where our artists seek advice and feedback. Screening room map assistants will be expected to check in routinely (at least weekly) to look over and give feedback on new drafts. Assistants should have a solid understanding of how the game plays, and of the unique game features here at Major Command. Knowledge of Photoshop would be helpful in conversing with the artists, but is absolutely not required. Candidates should also be able to keep a secret, as some new projects we’ll want to keep under wraps until we’re ready to unveil!

If you are interesting in this, and we are looking for up to 10 folks, please send a private note to Shepherd.

Game Ambassadors

The second position is that of Risk game Ambassador.

The responsibilities will be as a go-to person for new players to ask questions of and get answers. As well as set up and play games with new players. As a game Ambassador, you will be charged with extolling and extending the good will of Major Command Risk strategies. You must know the rules of the game, the ins and outs of this site, and where to direct new players who need answers you cannot provide. We are looking for up to 3 people for this (staff) position.

If interested, please send a private note to ghost, who will be the liaison.

Two important Major Command Risk game rules

The Two Risk Game Rules

At Major Command Risk, we have two very strict rules. What are the two so important Major Command risk game rules? Before using any unauthorized methods to play our strategy games please think about it twice to avoid a ban from accessing the site. So what are these risk game rules about?

  1. Do not make a second account!
  2. Do not be ‘that guy’!

Risk game rules

Things are picking up around here, and we’ve seen some characters come and go. It’s a good time to lay down the proverbial law. If you don’t know what ‘that guy’ is, he is the player who ruins the fun and experience for other players by being rude, abusive, overly annoying or other forms of douchebaggery. Competitive banter in the game chat is fun, but ‘that guy’ will take it too far, throwing in racial or derogatory comments. Moving up the scoreboard is everyone’s goal, but ‘that guy’ will systematically try to work the angles and grey area of fair play by not following the risk game rules. Lively forums are fun, but ‘that guy’ often acts like an internet tough-guy and adds zero value to the discussion. Nobody likes ‘that guy’.

We also run a one warning policy. If you are being ‘that guy’, we will let you know, and request you to stop and follow the risk game rules. If you continue to be ‘that guy’, you will receive a permanent site-wide ban. If you find yourself banned, you can appeal the decision after a specified amount of time.

Particularly egregious offenders will get the ban hammer without warning.

If you have any questions about our policy, ask away, or just note Badorties, Incandenza or Ghost.