Two important Major Command Risk game rules

The Two Risk Game Rules

At Major Command Risk, we have two very strict rules. What are the two so important Major Command risk game rules? Before using any unauthorized methods to play our strategy games please think about it twice to avoid a ban from accessing the site. So what are these risk game rules about?

  1. Do not make a second account!
  2. Do not be ‘that guy’!

Risk game rules

Things are picking up around here, and we’ve seen some characters come and go. It’s a good time to lay down the proverbial law. If you don’t know what ‘that guy’ is, he is the player who ruins the fun and experience for other players by being rude, abusive, overly annoying or other forms of douchebaggery. Competitive banter in the game chat is fun, but ‘that guy’ will take it too far, throwing in racial or derogatory comments. Moving up the scoreboard is everyone’s goal, but ‘that guy’ will systematically try to work the angles and grey area of fair play by not following the risk game rules. Lively forums are fun, but ‘that guy’ often acts like an internet tough-guy and adds zero value to the discussion. Nobody likes ‘that guy’.

We also run a one warning policy. If you are being ‘that guy’, we will let you know, and request you to stop and follow the risk game rules. If you continue to be ‘that guy’, you will receive a permanent site-wide ban. If you find yourself banned, you can appeal the decision after a specified amount of time.

Particularly egregious offenders will get the ban hammer without warning.

If you have any questions about our policy, ask away, or just note Badorties, Incandenza or Ghost.

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  1. Great post.

    This spirit is one of the things I love most about USA : explicit and straight-forward statement, yet human-oriented.

    Loic, playing from across the ocean (France)

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