1vs1 Tournament: Why is it Popular and Why do People Hate it!?

The 1 vs 1 tournament is loved, hated, and debated.  Why do people play it?  For many reasons:

  • some love the number of quicker games it offers
  • some love the speed at which the tourneys start
  • some love the fact they will get to play higher ranking players that they would not normally get the opportunity to play and take their points knowing they are unlikely to win the tournament. They still effectively win by only winning one game.

Why do people hate it?  A less psychological strategy is required and more reliant on luck/odds, whether that being the first player to act or luck/odds of the dice, so it is debated in the forums anyway.

The tournaments I create are escalite, 1 x reinforce, border.  I do this so players need to think hard about their first few turns which as we know are critical in the long run.  Many players don’t think that the first attack is against 1 or 2 terts with a 3 on, they get caught up in securing an early command and forget about the order of the sets.  So with a lack of psychological influence and the ability to use other players as pawns, it’s an odds-based strategy and a full analytical look at the board will tell you what the best odds are.  How many players use the full odds?  I would argue not very many.  Do you waste troops going after a neutral to complete a command?  Can you protect it on every border or do you slowly hunt the player reducing their deployment on every turn?  At the end of their turn the deploys are even again and that is what they are looking for.  At the start of their next turn, they have smaller deploy and so it goes on.  The only luck in this game is relying on a player to make a mistake based on poor judgment and a rose-tinted view of the board.  But what if their initial attack doesn’t work?  Have they considered the implications? Generally not.

Is 1 vs 1 based on luck? I would argue no.  In every game, there is an element of the odds not paying off but I would argue it just a very different strategy and less reliant on using other players as pawns.  For those about to provide statistics to prove me wrong, remember there are lies, lies, and statistics. To be conclusive, all variables would need to be considered.  I very rarely play multiplayer games because I cannot be bothered with mind games.  I can handle them, it’s other players in the game used as pawns that frustrates me.  Anyway, I thought I would write a blog on my thoughts on the 1 vs 1 tourneys that I enjoy creating and playing in.  I know there is a difference of opinion from the odd player and if anyone is happy to debate it, please feel free to provide comprehensive statistical evidence ‘controlling all variables’ and I will agree to be proved wrong.  Happy to be the guinea pig.

1 vs 1 is not for everyone, and nobody is forced to play them.  If you think you have what it takes, come play a few
1 vs 1 tourneys and duel your heart out with like-minded people.




It’s a Game

I stopped playing Major Command 2-3 years ago after a few years of daily activity cause I was frustrated. Lots’ of games, lots of wars, lots of battles and I couldn’t get past Lieutenant… or even hold that very long. And MEDALS… forget medals. I had the Participation Awards for playing a lot and winning not so much, but that’s about it. And I can’t blame anyone but myself. I think I was always impatient and took risks… or occasionally the senility (I’m 70) or the marijuana (helps offset being 70) would kick in and I would just do something REALLY stupid. But that was usually aided by the impatience. It’s like I wanted the game to get done quicker to get to the exciting conclusion (me winning) and in most cases it did. Of course, it got done quicker for me than the other players, and so the problem… and hence the frustration. The motto on my page is “Damn, I lost another stripe!”.

What I figured out during my self-imposed exile and age induced retrospection is that there was a bigger problem… my ego. The fact I couldn’t get up there in rank and medals with the good & great. (I’d mention names, but you all know who you think I mean.) It looked like I wasn’t as good as “the others” and appearance is important to a fragile ego. So, I took my ball and went home.

Now however I have come back because I realized there is another very important factor, besides the fierce competition, that I missed. That was hanging out with friends with a like interest. Chatting with zonie or stu or another member of the Old Folks clan… or chatting in game with someone you meet maybe over a treaty offer, who may live in another part of the world… it’s really pretty cool. I’ve played other War & World Domination games on the internet where you are anonymous… no teams, no chatting… but there is also no sense of community.

Recently I have come to see the value and importance… and necessity of community.

I was around back in the day (I’m and old man remember… old men talk like that). Where was I… back in the day the site used to be… malfunctioning… a lot. People still played… and had fun… and bellyached and complained, and listed bugs… and argued about who was winning when the game crashed. I was there when the New Sheriff arrived and all that started to change. The guy put up what money he could, and started projects for fixes and for more improvements and to try to increase revenue.   And things got better. WAY better…

I’m not sure (old) but I don’t think he raised the prices either…

But the smartest thing he did was to enlist the community in helping. I remember a lot of players donating money at one time, and other tournaments and things… and the fans of the game coming through. It would have been inspiring… if I had realized what was going on at the time. I just wanted the thing to work and be around awhile. But the point is that we are a community. A bunch of people who like to play Major Command.

I encourage you to remember that when you are playing. Don’t fall into the trap I did and forget what the true purpose of being here is… to have some fun. When things don’t go your way in a game… when the drop is screwed or the dice are crappy or heaven forbid, your plans were thwarted… or maybe you just got outplayed… it’s not a tragedy. But it can be frustrating.

I get frustrated in games still, but it is usually at myself, for making the wrong move or missing the right move when it came up. But I don’t get mad at other players for winning or taking me out. It’s what they are supposed to try to do. It’s the game.

So now…if you run into me in a game I’ll likely be chatting and cracking wise (I am a wise old man after all) and if I lose I won’t get mad or call you names… except for my friends. I might hang around the game after I am out to make comments and to watch. I find that often I can learn a lot observing the players who stay in the game longer than me… see their strategy and tactics. Maybe even ask them questions if they are chatters. Asking questions is how you learn.

If you are new to the game, I encourage you to watch and listen and ask questions. Read the tips and tricks and strategies in the Wiki. They were written by GOOD players. There are strategy and playing tips in the forum… as well as a lot of interesting, ongoing, conversations.  We have a pretty good community of intelligent people here.

I also encourage you to upgrade if you have a grunt account, for a couple of reasons. The first is that four games will play very slowly, and you will likely lose interest. Maybe try some 4 person games while you learn to use the buttons and tools. Also, with four 4 person games you might get a turn everyday. But playing in more games, on more maps, with more players is how you will learn the most. It doesn’t cost that much, and the money goes to a good cause… keeping MajCom alive and well for all of us, the community.

In closing let me say I am not a paid spokesperson for the game… just a fan.  I have a lot of friends here and want the place to be around for awhile. (at least as long as me) I also like to meet new folks and make more friends so find me in a game and say hi if you’re of a mind, and I’ll say hi back. And then try to destroy your forces of course. It’s the game.



So You’re a Gamer?

So You’re a Gamer?

Originally published on Aug 16th 2016

If you’re reading this then you probably love the thrill of killing, maiming, beating or conquering things in your game of choice, probably against an AI game engine. Do you get tired of beating that computer opponent so easily? Well, what about playing against another human being or several at the same time? It’s so much better! I have always preferred the conquer games like Risk Online which offer head to head, real time or more casual timed turns, against real people with all their differences which no AI can imitate. Playing against live opponents gives you the chance to chat with other players in the game, especially useful when playing multi player team games (doubles, triples even 12 players versus another 12 players).

Many sites where you can Play Risk Online may offer in game chat and forums which also provides the chance to pick up good tips and strategies to make you a better player.
https://www.majorcommand.com/ is one such site of Risk Online and in my humble opinion the best out there. It offers all the above options in addition to an email function within the site. Another awesome feature is the unique Rank and Medals structure which really helps to gauge how well you’re doing against all other players within the site. If you like the idea of playing tournaments against the best players, you will not be disappointed and the rewards of winning tourneys are outstanding. By the way, did I mention that this is not your Dad’s Risk Game? This Online Risk Game offers 24 different games maps with more added all the time.

Perhaps best of all, you can play Risk Online Free immediately at no cost to you EVER. That’s right. Free forever. Of course, like most of the members, after you try it out and become hopelessly addicted (LOL) you will want to upgrade to a premium membership which offers more of the ‘bells and whistles’. Two different paid plans, $4.95US or $9.95US, offer several enhancements to the unpaid membership. Many members start with the unpaid version to give it a try and then upgrade within a week … it’s that good!
Sound like it’s for you? I have been a member since March 2016 and highly recommend it. With the free version, there is no financial commitment so its “risk free” if you will pardon the pun. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a shot. Tell them Redstorm sent you and good hunting!

Why Play Team Games?

Why Play Team Games?

Since I was new, I thought I should pair myself up with someone who knows what they are doing. I figured I could learn a few tricks and improve my game. What I discovered was better than I imagined!

Team games are a great place to bounce off ideas with your teammates during your turn and theirs too. Always allow plenty of time for your teammates to check out the map before your turn. Communication is key. It’s not all straightforward – many players may have a disturbing obsession with points/rank and winning, you may disagree with a certain strategy, or there can be miscommunication (since English is not every players’ first language), or the chatter tab is cluttered with useless information or jokes from me.

But what actually draws me to the team games? When I jump on a map, the first thing I do is go on the chatter and make my cheeky comments…I’m here for the social aspect of MC. I do notice that people get grumpy at their dice or at each other because the team is not doing well but really is that how you want to spend your playtime? Let’s just trade knitting patterns, or history/science trivia. This way people stick around more…this is fun, it’s not supposed to be a downer.

My best team games were and still are games where the chatter tab was exchanging jokes, songs, trivia, everyday chit chat. In those team games, I didn’t sit down and check out the map first…I wanted to know the response from my teamie. That was more important to me than the game.

We are all on MC because we enjoy playing these games. At the end of the day, it is just a game. Winning is a just a by product of team games. The real win is that I got to make a new friend that day, hopefully earned their respect (and not come off as a complete moron). That’s a BIG win in my books.  Cheers!

Peri 😉

This blog is dedicated to ALL my teammates. Without these experiences, I would not be able to write this blog. The illustration was provided by my daughter. She wanted to make the world a better place. 🙂

Poem for your consideration

   Ode to Gelli Green

I’ll not return to Gelli Green
Though summer’s bright and fair
For on the slopes of Gelli Green
My brothers lost I there

Was summer high that fateful year
We gazed on Gelli’s hills
And take we them, our captain said
Our orders to fulfill

So called us to the Gelli folk
Your land we mean to take
And take we will, so leave yea now
And battle we’ll forsake

Replied the Gelli back to us
The choice you give is none
In blood you’ll pay us for our home
Before you see us run

Then forward toward the gelli line
advanced our gallant lads
and lost we one for Gelli slain
our captain quipped “not bad”

but fortune turned away from us
and quickly lost us two
another pair I turned to captain
wondering what to do

i’ll tell you lads, seen this before
good fortune’s held them fast
but fortune’s fickle as you know
how long can Gelli’s last?

how long indeed we soon found out
and lost another two
then two and two and two and two
and yes another two

with heavy hearts we probed the line
and found a slender breech
then mustered all our men at once
moot lesson now to teach

the captain called, we own it now
we won’t go home in shame
in victory we sleep tonight
or tomb without a name

so thru the breech we burst with haste
the weary Gelli ran
and pinned against their baracade
the Gelli made a stand

with vicious cries and fearsome moans
the wreched clash did play
the fall of gelli’s army, then
one gelli broke away

without a thought did I give chase
across and down the hill
and caught him back against the wall
of an abandoned mill

and there he stood with eyes ablaze
round sixteen years at most
his face a snear his hand a knife
the last of gelli’s host

I die he said but though i die
you’ll loath the morning sun
remember we had only five
while you had thirty one

with urgent voice the captain called
with word about attack
defend our homeland now we must
but Spirop you stay back

thru restless days and sleepless nights
my labor did I true
and buried all my fallen mates
and all the gelli too

I’ll not return to gelli green
to this I can attest
for underneath those gelli slopes
regret i’ve put to rest