Major Command risk strategy real time games

Risk Strategy Real Time Games

So you are looking to play some real time games? Awesome. We recognize that many players really want to start and finish a risk strategy game in under 30 minutes or so. We are making Major Command risk strategy real time games a core component of our experience here.

In fact, Major Command risk strategy real time games are already available to Central Command. See below:

Risk strategy real time games

The turn length options are for 5 minutes, which is a healthy speed, and 2 min, which requires some serious focus.

We used to have this option available for all players but brought it back behind the curtain because there weren’t enough users to support it.  There was always players who wanted real time, but never enough that they were on at the same time.

Real time games require tons of users to be on at the same time  to be possible that a person can jump into a real time game and have it be over before their lunch break is up.  If someone has to wait 15 minutes trolling for a real time game to start, then that not the experience we want to give our users.

Now that our membership is swelling, we are looking at bringing Real Time games back, since so many people want them.  It might be a rocky re-launch, but we are confident that the wrinkles can be ironed out quickly.

Maybe we can start a forum thread for people looking to hop into a real time game.

So let us know if you are interesting in playing Major Command risk strategy real time games and if you had any suggestions for getting real time players together.


11 thoughts on “Major Command risk strategy real time games”

  1. Looks like Strategist Class players can start them, so I will be starting RT games whenever I have time to, so be looking for them. I played my first one a few hours ago. For now, I’ll post up in the forum when I’m going to start one as well, so there’s more of a chance for people to find it.

  2. I like it. My home internet service (AT&T) has been intermittent lately, occasionally leaving me unable to take my turn over weekends. Being able to start & finish games during lunch, etc. would be quite handy.

  3. I like the idea. I live in Europe, GMT-1. Making publicity along friends for your site 🙂 Especially interested to play in evening / weekends. Maybe to avoid AWOL problems, with a fixed time to start?

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