Major Command Game Turn Notifier

Firefox Game Turn Notifier

and RSS Play Risk Online

Keeping up with a lot of turns can really fill up your email inbox.  Or sometimes a turn email can get lost in the fray.

Now there are two new ways to keep on top of your turns.

RSS Feed

Every player now has their own RSS feed.  It looks like the example below:

Keep in mind that you need to replace Badorties with your own username

Then just paste that into your RSS reader and you will get something like this (google reader).

Firefox RSS Play Risk Online

You can click any of those numbers to take you to the game.

Firefox Game Turn Notifier

If you need a more immediate way to get notified for your turns, then try this Firefox extension: Major Command Game Turn Notifier

After you install it, in Firefox go to Tools >>Addons >>Extensions and click Options on the Notifier.  You can then put in your username, like so.

Major Command Game Turn Notifier

After this is done, you should see a small grey or yellow square in the bottom right of your Firefox window.

Grey means you don’t have any turns.

Game Turn Notifier

Yellow means you have a turn to take.

Game Turn Notifier settings

And clicking the icon will bring up a list of your games.

list of your games

Cool! Great work by Evan and Codanostra on these features so be sure to give them a pat on the back.

There is an official support thread here.

Play Risk free as a game tester

Play Risk Free

You can now play risk free as much as you want. All you need is to log into our Major Command risk game development site and enjoy playing your favorite Risk game online absolutely free to play. Only keep in mind that our strategy games are not associated with Pogo Risk or Hasbro games.

Otherwise, things are going great behind the scenes at ol’ Major Command headquarters (located in a sub 24 miles off the antarctic coast).  So great in fact that we need a bit of assistance from some enterprising game players.

Play Risk free image

Major Command Risk Game Tester

We have two volunteer positions open.

1. We need a group of about 10 players to test online new features added to Major Command risk game. Our game development site is like a parallel world of the main website where new features are rough and mostly functioning. The position would require logging into the game development site occasionally, playing a few strategy games, putting features through their paces, and most importantly, reporting bugs and suggestions.

2. We are also looking for gamers to help support and grow the wiki to our Major Command risk games. These inline game players would coordinate and plan new entries as well as fill out and spruce up current entries. They should have knowledge of Wikipedia formatting (we use the same wiki software) or be able to learn it quickly.  They should also have an undying passion for strategic gaming reference material. Visit our Wiki page:

Ok, the last part is not required, but helpful. So, did you want to play risk free as an online game tester?

All positions are for volunteer game testers, but may have various perks down the road.

If you are interested in playing risk online free as a game tester, just contact Badorties via a private note.

Major Command risk strategy real time games

Risk Strategy Real Time Games

So you are looking to play some real time games? Awesome. We recognize that many players really want to start and finish a risk strategy game in under 30 minutes or so. We are making Major Command risk strategy real time games a core component of our experience here.

In fact, Major Command risk strategy real time games are already available to Central Command. See below:

Risk strategy real time games

The turn length options are for 5 minutes, which is a healthy speed, and 2 min, which requires some serious focus.

We used to have this option available for all players but brought it back behind the curtain because there weren’t enough users to support it.  There was always players who wanted real time, but never enough that they were on at the same time.

Real time games require tons of users to be on at the same time  to be possible that a person can jump into a real time game and have it be over before their lunch break is up.  If someone has to wait 15 minutes trolling for a real time game to start, then that not the experience we want to give our users.

Now that our membership is swelling, we are looking at bringing Real Time games back, since so many people want them.  It might be a rocky re-launch, but we are confident that the wrinkles can be ironed out quickly.

Maybe we can start a forum thread for people looking to hop into a real time game.

So let us know if you are interesting in playing Major Command risk strategy real time games and if you had any suggestions for getting real time players together.