Play Risk free as a game tester

Play Risk Free

You can now play risk free as much as you want. All you need is to log into our Major Command risk game development site and enjoy playing your favorite Risk game online absolutely free to play. Only keep in mind that our strategy games are not associated with Pogo Risk or Hasbro games.

Otherwise, things are going great behind the scenes at ol’ Major Command headquarters (located in a sub 24 miles off the antarctic coast).  So great in fact that we need a bit of assistance from some enterprising game players.

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Major Command Risk Game Tester

We have two volunteer positions open.

1. We need a group of about 10 players to test online new features added to Major Command risk game. Our game development site is like a parallel world of the main website where new features are rough and mostly functioning. The position would require logging into the game development site occasionally, playing a few strategy games, putting features through their paces, and most importantly, reporting bugs and suggestions.

2. We are also looking for gamers to help support and grow the wiki to our Major Command risk games. These inline game players would coordinate and plan new entries as well as fill out and spruce up current entries. They should have knowledge of Wikipedia formatting (we use the same wiki software) or be able to learn it quickly.  They should also have an undying passion for strategic gaming reference material. Visit our Wiki page:

Ok, the last part is not required, but helpful. So, did you want to play risk free as an online game tester?

All positions are for volunteer game testers, but may have various perks down the road.

If you are interested in playing risk online free as a game tester, just contact Badorties via a private note.

Play Risk Online – Beta

Major Command Risk Strategy Game?

Major Command Risk Strategy Game

Major Command is a gaming website where you can play risk strategy game online. Risk-style global domination turn based strategy games are very similar to playing the Pogo Risk board game. Even better, at the online version you can play against a computer or a real time game where you compete to conquer the world with real players. At Major Command Risk strategy game, you will be playing different war strategies that will likely take days to finish.  It’s fun and addictive, trust us.

You can start planing your war strategy now:

Why am I here?

You are here because someone involved with or currently playing Major Command risk strategy game has thought you were cool enough to be invited to play war games online. Maybe they thought you liked the conquer strategy activities … or were lonely. Either way, you should probably be playing online divertissements with this person.

What’s this beta? What do I need to do?

This is a private beta risk strategy game. We have tested many of the playing features during the alpha phase, but more eyes catch more bugs so we are opening up the gates a little.  You don’t really have to do anything, but to be helpful, you should be playing some strategy games, exploring other areas of the site, interacting, etc.  If you find something that you think is a bug, head on over to the forums and post it in the bug report forums. That’s what friends and betas are for.

It looks like this feature is not implemented yet, what gives?

There are many features to Major Command risk strategy games that are still in development and being tested.  There may be references to these features throughout the site.

A bug totally ruined my master plan and I lost! Can you make it right?

No. This is beta so weird stuff may happen. Be cool and carry on.

Great thanks! Major Command risk is awesome!