Scoreboard Improvement And Changes

Scoreboard Improvement Note

This is just a short scoreboard improvementΒ note to inform all power Risk players and website visitors, that we have made minor changes to the way how the scoring system works. If you are a GRUNT, then you must have played a turn in the last 45 days. If you are a Strategist or Commander, then you must have played a turn in the last 180 days.

Play Risk Scoreboard Improvement

You should win more games to be able to see a scoreboard improvement for your username. Raise your score and move up in our Scoreboard. Take the opportunity and the challenge to win more Risk game medals. Strive for Medals in games and community activities to be recognized as a Medal Leader.Β The scoring system should indicate the skill level of a player.

How do the points work?

Points are awarded and taken according to the following formula: (Defeated’s score/Winner’s score)*30.

So if you are a cadet (1225) and are defeated by a Major (3000) then it looks like, (1225/3000)*30 or 12. So 12 points is taken from you and given to the winner. If you defeat that major it’s reversed. (3000/1225)*30 = 73. So you would get 73 points from the Major. You get more points by defeating players higher ranked than yourself. In Standard or Assassin games, you get points from all players after you win. In Mercenary games, you get points only from those players that you eliminate. To find out more about different game types click this Game Options.

Please note that Points are calculated using the player’s score when the game ends, not their score when the game starts. For scoreboard improvement, you need to win more battles.

That’s all. πŸ™‚

Thank you,
Risk Sheriff badge Scoreboard Improvement


P.S. On a similar note, we will start to keep track of players “highest score ever achieved”, but that feature won’t be implemented until the next update, sorry! πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Scoreboard Improvement And Changes”

  1. Excellent change!! And yes 90 days is very generous, 30 or 60 would also work. I think they should have to finish a game, rather the start 1 turn, but that’s just my 2 cents.

  2. Alright I’ll admit it. I’ve looked for myself on the scoreboard before. I’m currently at 2173 but not up there and never have been. What’s up? Only for paying members?

  3. jskye and pitman – Thanks!

    suninbc – if they take a turn, then eventually they will finish the game – but it can still be tweaked.

    flagg and Sebrin – Thanks!

    dwarf – we just started collecting data for those kind of graphs today. Eventually they will come.

    Cagey – Maybe, it can still be tweaked

    Sebrim – Well at least they are playing a game. Make ’em work for it πŸ™‚

    SereantPepper – I see you on the board at position 183. Just where you should be.

  4. The reason I say that is, I’m fairly certain that riskpeter hasn’t played a turn in the last 90 days, and on the MD scoreboard my old friend Tutor hasn’t been around for over a year.

  5. It’s just for the main points scoreboard for now, not for the CDO board.

    This was not an intentionally planned improvement. We just happened to come across this opportunity for an improvement while we were addressing a different issue. So we took the opportunity to fix something that I know had been mentioned as a concern in the forums before.

    Adjustments to the CDO board will have to wait until a later date, when we are focused on those features of the site. Sorry, but we are currently focused on other non scoreboard areas, and like I said, this was just a quick fix that we happen to stumble across while doing something else.

    FYI, this update had cleared around 40 players off of the main points board who have not been around for a while, making room for 40 active players to be published.

  6. Wasn’t complaining, although one player in particular is keeping himself on the top of a board simply by logging in once a month or so… I’m happy with all improvements and updates! πŸ™‚

  7. On 2nd thought, no it’s not necessary they finish a game, 1 turn is enough & if they go awol, the results will speak for themselves, but I do like the 30 time frame. Excellent fix!

  8. I love the idea, but it appears to have some significant glitches at present. I finished last game a few days ago but have been erased from scoreboard. I’d otherwise be at #48 on current board.

  9. @ Cardinals – Glad you weren’t complaining, Because there are consequences for complainers you know, consequences! πŸ˜‰ Having said that, I don’t expect we will change the Most Decorated or the all time CDO boards since “all time” means “all-time”, not “current” or “recent”. Eventually the goal will be to set up both an “all-time” and a “current” board, but for now, we’re stuck with the ones we have. I agree that CDO (current) should change though. I think Marcos is working on that for the next update. We’ll see what he can do.

    @ suninbc – Yeah, the time frame will most likely be adjusted. I’m already thinking of something a bit more refined. But that will probably happen at some later date though.

    @ Pepper – Glad you saw just in time. You just slipped to 200th spot! – A little suggestion to be visible on the board…. win some games πŸ˜‰

    @ vangboom – Interesting. Your name was on our test run at #48 just where you said it should be. Did you see it at all on the board? I’ll forward this to Marcos to take a closer look at. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  10. @ Cardinalsrule, I have played over 50 games for sure the last 90 days. I was away for a year, but didn’t log in ever, so check your facts mate πŸ™‚

    I think this is a good thing for the leaderboard!

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