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How The Game Scoreboard Works

Game Scoreboard! When you play Risk at Major Command you get scored for your gameplay. The game scoreboard is updated every hour. To improve your score and move up in our game scoreboard, you should win more games. Because of the large interest shown by Risk players in how the Scoreboard works, we thought we would open a poll questions to get some feedback.

Major Command Game Scoreboard

Please note, we have TWO types of scoreboards. One is the “All-Time” highest, and the other is for “Current” highest. “All-Time” obviously means “All-Time”, so there is no need to define that. Visit our scoreboard page:

However, “Current” can mean different things. So the questions below are only to help us define what we want the “Current” boards to represent.

Please check one answer for free members, and one answer for paid members. You can not change your answer once you’ve clicked “VOTE”. So please make sure you are happy with your choice. Thank you!

Update: The poll software was misbehaving and, therefore, had to be removed. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for those who did vote. You can still post your opinion in comments below:

Scoreboard Improvement And Changes

Scoreboard Improvement Note

This is just a short scoreboard improvement note to inform all power Risk players and website visitors, that we have made minor changes to the way how the scoring system works. If you are a GRUNT, then you must have played a turn in the last 45 days. If you are a Strategist or Commander, then you must have played a turn in the last 180 days.

Play Risk Scoreboard Improvement

You should win more games to be able to see a scoreboard improvement for your username. Raise your score and move up in our Scoreboard. Take the opportunity and the challenge to win more Risk game medals. Strive for Medals in games and community activities to be recognized as a Medal Leader. The scoring system should indicate the skill level of a player.

How do the points work?

Points are awarded and taken according to the following formula: (Defeated’s score/Winner’s score)*30.

So if you are a cadet (1225) and are defeated by a Major (3000) then it looks like, (1225/3000)*30 or 12. So 12 points is taken from you and given to the winner. If you defeat that major it’s reversed. (3000/1225)*30 = 73. So you would get 73 points from the Major. You get more points by defeating players higher ranked than yourself. In Standard or Assassin games, you get points from all players after you win. In Mercenary games, you get points only from those players that you eliminate. To find out more about different game types click this Game Options.

Please note that Points are calculated using the player’s score when the game ends, not their score when the game starts. For scoreboard improvement, you need to win more battles.

That’s all. 🙂

Thank you,
Risk Sheriff badge Scoreboard Improvement


P.S. On a similar note, we will start to keep track of players “highest score ever achieved”, but that feature won’t be implemented until the next update, sorry! 🙂

Risk Game – The Honor Points system

Major Command Risk Honor Points

Risk Game Honor Points

So a feature that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention is the Honor system which is rating you by honor points. You can find the number of your honor points on your Major Command profile. It is designed to be a score how you play in terms of your behavior. It should highlight honorable Risk players and warn of dishonorable players. That’s how it’s supposed to work, but in order to really test it, we need to put it through its paces.
So watch the video below describing how it works and how to use it. Then get on rating!

Your honor points are calculated like this. The first number is the percentage of honorable votes. The second number is the total number of votes, honorable or dishonorable. So a score of 80 (17) means 17 people have rated you, 80% of them were honorable. Any questions, just ask. There is also a few threads in the forum about it.