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How The Game Scoreboard Works

Game Scoreboard! When you play Risk at Major Command you get scored for your gameplay. The game scoreboard is updated every hour. To improve your score and move up in our game scoreboard, you should win more games. Because of the large interest shown by Risk players in how the Scoreboard works, we thought we would open a poll questions to get some feedback.

Major Command Game Scoreboard

Please note, we have TWO types of scoreboards. One is the “All-Time” highest, and the other is for “Current” highest. “All-Time” obviously means “All-Time”, so there is no need to define that. Visit our scoreboard page:Β

However, “Current” can mean different things. So the questions below are only to help us define what we want the “Current” boards to represent.

Please check one answer for free members, and one answer for paid members. You can not change your answer once you’ve clicked “VOTE”. So please make sure you are happy with your choice. Thank you!

Update: The poll software was misbehaving and, therefore, had to be removed. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for those who did vote. You can still post your opinion in comments below:

19 thoughts on “Game Scoreboard Poll”

  1. i read the question too fast, 1st answer 90 days and second one 30 or 60 ^^. i thought at 1st you intended free player to be able to stay on the scoreboard only for a limited number of day after their 1st turn.

    i don’t see why paying member could remain for 3 month on the scoreboard if they’re not active …

  2. Sorry to be the awkward one but i don`t feel that poll asks all the right questions.

    I think we should include/define the score board by how active (minimum number of games played over a set time) you are as well.
    Maybe another poll for this?

    With the above poll you can have someone just doodling along with 1 game…as long as they have had a turn in the last x amount of days they will be included on the score board.

    Just my opinion of course πŸ™‚

  3. I would go for 30 days for freemium, and 45 days for paid members. Not sure why 45 wasn’t an option in the second one.

    Outside of the scope of this update – but I would like to see other additions to the scoreboard that track different things.. there’s a lot you could do with it πŸ™‚

  4. The options suck. So if I want to take a break from the website and resume playing later on (with a paid account) I have to start again from scratch..? This is the best way for players to lose interest in my opinion. I vote for removing them from scoreboard if they are inactive but readding them with their old score if they come back to play again

  5. @ stone123 – yes, i thought of the pitfall too. but if someone wants to circumvent the intention of the qualifiers, then they will find a way regardless. There will always be “that person” who will “doodle along” or do whatever necessary to get avoid being bumped off. We can’t accommodate every scenario. In this case, i think we should be thinking about the picture as a whole. – Do you want to see someone who has not played a game in several months be on the scoreboard or not? That’s the basic question.

    @ masterjskye – if you want 45 days for paid members, you could click “other” and add that choice. – Also, the scoreboard will track different things eventually.

    @ marc369 – what do you mean by specialist? – team games have always counted towards individual score. Maybe in the future they can be differentiated, but not for a while.

    @ het7rick – That is NOT correct. You will NEVER have to start from scratch, regardless if you have paid, or not paid, or are active, or not active, or left the site, or came back several years later. You will ALWAYS have your points.

    Being removed from the scoreboard does not mean losing your points, it only means that your score won’t be displayed, but you will ALWAYS keep your points.

    The question is – How long should your score be DISPLAYED on the scoreboard after you stop playing? But regardless if they are displayed or not, you will ALWAYS have your points waiting for you when you come back.

  6. I would add on to the 30 days thing….

    …Taking a turn every 30 days is not sufficient, -FINISHING- a game every 30 days should be the bar you need to step over to stay on the board.

    Not only does this imply a higher level of activity, it forces your score either up or down.

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