Medals To Risk Players – October, 2014 Upgrade (Milestone 3)

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Risk players get more medals for a win. The medals can be won by playing the classic Risk game against a single or multiplayer computer opponents. This October’s update will resolve the long issue of the medals not being attributed to all Risk players. This fix was described in our previous Blog post: We are getting medals back, where you can find descriptions of all gameplay medals and how to earn them. The October’s upgrade will also resolve a number of other issues. Some of these issues are listed below:


Website Upgrades and Improvements

MAJ-63 Upgrade WordPress
MAJ-92 Create medals for the “The Forgotten Kingdom” map
MAJ-93 Add the missing map medals (Conflict: Africa, Australia, Middle East, Philippines, Duck and Cover, Sea of Japan and Balkan Peninsula)
MAJ-97 Upgrade the wiki
MAJ-98 Scoreboard changes
MAJ-101 Track the highest score for each user

Server and Performance improvements

MAJ-00 Install Nginx resource load balancer Executed
MAJ-00 Install Munin system monitoring tools Executed

Bug Fixes and Infrastructure improvements

MAJ-60 The medals are not being attributed
MAJ-87 Integrate performance monitoring tools

As you can see, we now have over 100 issues that have been resolved (or soon to be resolved) and we are adding new ones every day. Some of these improvements will not be noticed by the user, but will help create a solid foundation for a better site in the future. There’s a lot more to come!

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9 thoughts on “Medals To Risk Players – October, 2014 Upgrade (Milestone 3)”

  1. One of the best risk sites out there, heck – EA Games (Risk Factions) had more bugs than a hot tropical island. However, their map features were the best I have ever encountered. Great job with this site!

    • WOW. I had no idea EA made a Risk game. I love their sports games, incredible graphics. I just looked it up and I’m very excited about this. I’m going to buy it right now. It’s only $9.99 by the way.

      Thank you so much for informing me about this!

      And thank you MajorCommand for all the fixes and work you put into this site!

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