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Play Risk Free at Major Command

Great news to risk game players! You can now play Risk free at Major Command ‘s website. As of now, the training wheels have come off this ol’ vessel of ass-kicking Risk strategic gaming. Not quite out of beta yet.  We are RC1, which is the Release Candidate 1.  If all goes well, we will be 1.0 in two weeks and celebrate with a big party and some fresh new maps.Play risk free

Regardless of RC1 or 1.0, the Major Command you are on now is for all intents and purposes, life and in the wild. The user caps are off, so we will no longer be limited to 1,000 active users.  Feel free to spread the good word or invite your friends.  Expect to see a lot of new faces around as well.  There will be more noobs than ever, so play Risk free, be nice, be friendly, and try not to crush their spirits until at least round 3.

With RC1 comes a bunch of new features as well as the payment system which will allow you to access many of those features.  We think it’s fair and one hell of a good value.  Given that many of you have been upgraded to a strategist for free during the beta, this is how it all shakes out.

  • If you are currently a grunt, then you will need to upgrade to Strategist  or Commander class to access those features.
  • If you are currently Strategist (during beta), then you will be given two weeks more of Strategist class privileges before being demoted to grunt.  Of course is you upgrade to Commander during that period you are all set.

So Just to refresh, this is how the user classes go.

  • Grunt – Free
    • Limited to four active games.
    • CANNOT start real time games (but can join them).
    • CANNOT play risk free more than one real time per 24 hours.
    • CANNOT join official tournaments.
  • Strategist – $10 for 6 months
    • Silver Rank Icons
    • Unlimited games (casual and real time)
    • Can start real time games
    • Can join official tournaments
  • Commander – $20 for 6 months
    • Gold rank icons
    • Unlimited games (casual and real time)
    • Can start real time games
    • Can join official tournaments
    • Can start Fixed Force games
    • Can start 24 players games
    • Can display 36 friends on their user page
    • Can use site-wide skins
    • Can customize their Frontline
    • Can use a full-size user picture
    • Can play Campaign mode (still in development)
    • Can save game settings (still in development)
    • All new features will go to Commanders first

You can now upgrade!

If you’re interested to upgrade your Risk game user status, you could do now. Also worth noting that the payment system is just part of this major release.  The list of everything in this release is long and you can find it here (shortly).

  • 213 fixed bug where it allows user to create games with invalid settings
  • 214 fixed bug where recon tab shows backward status for teammate elimination
  • 215 fixed Bug: can’t edit regions in map admin on dev
  • 216 fixed bug: discharging someone from a clan doesn’t work
  • 217 added ability to move call up reserves box
  • 218 fixed bug: Forum bug: people unable to access clan forums
  • 219 fixed bug: can’t type in user reg field in certain browsers
  • 220 Reduced minimum troop count on clans to 4
  • 221 fixed bug: Mercenary victory screen sucks
  • 222 fixed bug: team mercenary games were not working right
  • 223 fixed bug: game screen doesn’t update with troops if on when game starts
  • 224 fixed bug: long usernames had their profile links messed up in certain places due to truncations
  • 225 fixed bug: Changing color works and persists, but menu doesn’t update
  • 226 fixed bug: Longest losing streak is lying
  • 227 fixed bug: Diplomacy log typo / lie (wrong risk player listed for invalidated truces)
  • 228 Added drop button to tournaments
  • 229 made it so charts only show active risk players
  • 230 Reduce number of people on cdo chart (only show top n)
  • 231 added fixed force
  • 232 Implemented honor score
  • 233 Added recon tab to games page
  • 234 added diplomacy score on Diplo tab
  • 235 added tour of duty ribbons
  • 236 fixed bug: Cant use 800px map background
  • 237 fixed bug: broken truces don’t show right away
  • 238 fixed bug: Email notifications were not being sent
  • 239 fixed bug: tourney round was not incrementing
  • 240 fixed bug: games didn’t load in ff4
  • 241 fixed bug: Victory screen shows up on loser screens if on game time of end
  • 242 fixed bug: bombard a neutral causes troop container to disappear
  • 243 fixed bug: shouldn’t get to keep non-deployed troops
  • 244 fixed bug: mid-turn cash shows wrong troop amount
  • 245 fixed bug: flicker at start of turn
  • 246 made it so clan members not seen as members until they accept invite
  • 247 fixed bug: missed troops not showing up on intel tab
  • 248 made it so popup reserve dialog for mid-turn cash
  • 249 fixed bug: Deployment phase is being skipped in certain scenarios
  • 250 fixed bug: Troop containers don’t show upon load for certain users
  • 251 Allow users to subscribe to diff classes
  • 252 fixed bug where risk players either could not, or had trouble, cashing mid-turn (usually on multiple cashes)
  • 253 fixed bug where you could not deploy deferred troops on teammates regions
  • 254 fixed bugs in frontline editor
  • 255 fixed a bug where deleting a private message with the little “x” button didn’t work
  • 256 made it more intuitive to find sent messages in the message center
  • 257 added ability to delete sent messages in message center
  • 258 added ambassadors tab to admin (not tested or fully working)
  • 259 added frontline theme management to admin (not complete)
  • 260 added ability for users to lookup development cases and their statuses at (must know the case#)
  • 261 removed limit on number of active users allowed
  • 262 added gold and onyx rank insignias
  • 263 fixed new map rules for nukes and Africa
  • 264 Fixed bug in recon tab where it would log information about a tournament and refer to it as a game (with an invalid link)
  • 265 fixed bug in recon tab where a users place would show in the form of an ordinal suffix but without the ordinal itself (example: “you came in the place)
  • 266 fixed bug where atomic game and tournament link generation would usually create a bad link or no link at all
  • 267 fixed several javascript exceptions and warnings
  • 268 fixed several flash game client exceptions and warnings
  • 269 recompiled flash game client against latest Adobe API’s
  • 270 added 24 risk player games
  • 271 added 36 person friend list

Oh and I have given a huge Major Command secret handshake of thanks to all the beta tester, bug reporters, map screeners, dev comers, and everyone else who helped out to make this beta a big success!

psst, we still need you guys.  So keep submitting bugs, offering suggestions, and doing the good work that you do.

23 thoughts on “Major Command Risk Open to Public – Play Risk Free”

  1. Woo hoo! I’m officially in. Did notice a glitch (or two) that needs to be reported, though.
    1) no way to make a payment to remain at strategist.

    my work-around: went into my settings and downgraded to grunt. Then went to ‘upgrade’ to strategist, which takes me to:

    2) in IE, when you click on the buttons to pay, it blacks out the screen and the (barely visible) visa and PayPal icons are not clickable. Worked fine in Firefox, which I did and Paid my $10! Am I the first, or did someone beat me to it?

  2. Well it has been fun few months on here. I know that this can’t be free forever, but I suppose I am in my last two weeks of play and service. The only reason I bothered with this community was it was awesome and free.

    Thanks for the fun and goodbye!

  3. Strategist is and always has been a paid class. I’m sure some people will hold it against us that we gave a paid service away for free for two years… But they’d be wrong for feeling that way imo

  4. We’re happy to have you around aj. Just because you dont pay doesnt mean you cant contribute (which you are doing by leaving feedback, which we appreciate).


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