Farmers and Noobs – Risk Game Updates

Major Command Risk Game Updates

Here’re the new Risk game updates. This video sums it up …

So our latest Risk game updates contained a bunch of new features, but there are a couple big ones that are worth more ink.

We noticed that while we get a steady stream of new users to Major Command Risk, many didn’t stick around.  After some analysis, we found that there were three main factors. 1, Expectations were not set properly. 2, Users didn’t know what it was their turn for RT games. And 3, users would get into games with complex settings and get slaughtered.

So for the first issue, we revamped the new user entry process, provided some helpful videos, and also made sure there were ample places where information could be found.

For the second issue, we have a turn notified that will slide out when it is your turn and you are on the site. Meaning you can join an RT game, go to the forums and this little slidey thing will let you know what its time to get your boots on. It’s not perfect and still in stages of development, but should be a vast improvement. The turns indicator in your dog tag is also real time, meaning you don’t have to refresh the page to update it. We’ve also added a few lines of text in key places to let new users know what’s going on with RT games.

Major Command Risk Game UpdatesFor the third issue, we created theme games. These are games that appear at the top of game results. They might say “New Players Welcome“. They are permanent games and when filled, will automatically respawn to be filled again. They use beginner settings that new players can get their feet wet in. If you are a vet and join of these, be friendly and honorable. In the future we will create theme games for new maps or other settings we want to feature, so keep a lookout.

There are lots of other small tweaks to the system, but those are the major Risk game updates concerning new players.

One final note, all users who were free strategists during beta will be reverted back to grunt in the next 48 hours. We got to pay those hosting bills and hope you continue on with us. The near future is brimming with new maps and features and you certainly want to have some room in your game clip.

Thanks all!

8 thoughts on “Farmers and Noobs – Risk Game Updates”

  1. an idea about the RT notifications (and other’s too) set up a gmail account and allow user’s to chat with your gmail account. when it is time for the turn notification, you can have an automated email/chat sent to that user through the chat account if you’re logged on!

  2. A sound notification is urgent in many cases once a rt game starts, for point 3 * users would get into games with complex settings and get slaughtered I guess that if they could be a setting that only new players * up to 2 weeks in the site, could join those classic games where i says new players welcome, and btw a place to report some players that are allways waiting for new players to rip them f.e. wise wiking with a complex 2 players setting *1 reinf border in 12 domains, this to avoid to people comming to the site just once and running away 🙁

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