Important GMail Spam Filtering

GMail Spam Filtering Settings

Gmail spam filtering recommendations to all players. It’s some to our attention that GMail is occasionally sending Major Command turn notifications to the spam box.  This is likely due to users who do not know how to change their notification settings, and thus click the “spam” button.

If you want to change your Gmail spam filtering settings you can do so in the settings section.

It looks like this.

GMail Spam Filtering Settings

However, GMail users, we need your help to convince Google that Major Command is not spam.  The best way to do this is to create a filter in gmail and mark it “never send to spam”

To create a filter go here.

Click the create filter link, down at the bottom.

Enter like so.

GMail Spam Filtering Settings

Click create filter with this search^

Then on the next screen, tick “never send to spam” and also “apply to matching conversations” Like so.

GMail Spam Filtering Settings

Then click Create Filter and you are done.

If you feel there is too much Major Command mail in your box, its best to create a filter like this.

Create another filter for and tick “skip the inbox” and also “apply the label” and use a label like @MajCom Turns.  like so.

GMail Spam Filtering Settings

You will likely need to create a new label.  This keeps your turn notifications out of your inbox, but keeps a counter on the left side bar.

Hope this helps and let us know if you are having an email issues.

Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Important GMail Spam Filtering”

  1. i haven’t gotten any notifications in a long time. I have Gmail, but they are not in my spam folder either. I did the filter thing. On account settings are set to receive notifications, but i notice that if i try to change the email notification setting, the “save” button doesn’t become active (it stays gray, saying “saved”). I wonder if this is the problem.

  2. just as an idea, make the notification settings more prominent. That way people wont get frustrated and end up clicking ‘spam’ just to get rid of them 🙂

  3. I WANT INFO ON HOW NOT TO GET SPAM FROM YOU AT ALL… I WANT OUT! CC is better!!! delete my Acount and stop sending me shit!
    thank you…

  4. ok i fixed it through ur slow ass site.. good bye…
    ILL give ya some feedback.. i come from CC… Ur site is so slow, makes a quick game impossible… if your gonna have such intricate system you should have a program instalation…
    Game is not practical… CC is years ahead.. thats the honest truth.. good luck with your venture…

  5. I don’t have G-mail – I have a direct account with my ip and I have not received any email from MC – not my confirmation, no turn notices (even though I’ve clicked the ‘send again’ link many times). I’v double checked the address I gave and it is correct.

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