Three New Maps to Conquer

Maps to Conquer

We are blowing out the cartographic pipe here with three awesome new Maps to Conquer.  They are each very different and will require some keen strategy to master.

I’ll Shepherd, our Carto-General gives you the run down.

Conflict Africa Map

Shepherd: For starters, RjBeals has created Conflict: Africa. It’s a continent map, but with a unique twist and a nod to recent history; the map features eight Conflict Zones that reflect civil wars and strife over the past four decades. Entering the regions of conflict comes with a price, and you need to weigh the risks and rewards in your quest to unite and bring peace to Africa.


Africa Maps to Conquer Risk game


This month we also introduce the first map developed in our Map Studios, The Philippines. KungFuDuet launched the idea for this map back in January and saw the process through rigorous discussion and debate. Once we were satisfied that the map idea was worthy of play, Widowmakers stepped in and turned it into a fine piece of art. Winning on this map will require controlling both land and sea, as you hop from island to island while keeping a watchful eye on the navies lurking off shore.

The Philippines Map

Philippines Maps to Conquer Risk game


Finally, this month we offer up our first of what we hope will be many Bonus Maps, available exclusively to Strategist and Commander class users. Duck and Cover may look familiar to some, as it recalls an era when an atomic blast was something that could be survived by watching a short instructional film about hiding under a desk. It’s a small map for a time when it was a small world after all, and superpowers were poised to lob bombs at each other from afar.

Duck and Cover Map

Maps to Conquer Risk game


If you want to hop right into a game on these maps, click here. Or start one yourself with your own settings.

Remember to read that brief tab!  Good luck out there!

11 thoughts on “Three New Maps to Conquer”

  1. Also – coming soon for africa will be more standard colored troop containers. We launched with enough, and the “multi-colored” containers were meant for team play, but I will create/add more normal colors very soon. PM me with any feedback on the multi-colored containers – I’ve had mixed reviews of them, but may keep them if you all like them !

  2. Amazing what you guys keep coming up with. Compliments on your creations !!! And thank you for making this such a fabulous site. See you somewhere on the new maps 🙂

  3. Playing on-line risk has been great experience for me. The Major Command community is what brings me back time and again. I had thought that my play was pretty good until I came here, only to find, well.. that it wasn’t! I look forward to rising sufficiently in skill level to play on the more sophisticated and challenging maps. Keep up the good work guys. Nice job, excellent site and community.

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