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The game clans feature of Major Command Risk has largely been behind the scenes and only available to staff.  Well, no more.  We are opening it up to strategists and commanders.  We don’t have any huge plans for game clans just yet, but we just want to see what happens when they are public and open.  Is there enough demand for a formal clan league?  We will see.

What are the Game Clans about?

At the basic level, a clan is a group of players who are identified together.  They may be veterans, people from Ohio, real-time players, or just a group of guys and gals who want to dominate other players and clans.

Clans will get their own clan page and also their own private clan forum where only clan members can see and post.

There are two types of clans.  Social and Competitive.  If you are just looking for like-minded compatriots to hangout and play with, a social clan is for you.  If you are looking to be ‘on a team’ and compete, then you want a competitive clan.

You can be in multiple social clans at the same time, but only one competitive clan at the same time. Where do competitive clans compete?  I’m not sure yet!  This, like any new feature, is a test.  If a bunch of competitive clans form, then we can set up some sort of league.

Consider this a clan beta!

There may be bugs or issues with the clans as they have not been extensively tested.  Please let us know of any issues at first.  You can also let us know of feature requests, but they may not be a priority.

Requirements to start a clan!

To start a social or competitive clan you will need the follow:

  • Commander class.  (Strategist can join, but not start clans)
  • Four members minimum to start.  These members must have agreed to join prior to application.
  • A clan name, insignia and banner (details in the link below)

If you can pull those together, click this link to get started.  All clans must be approved by the Clan Director… which for now is me, Badorties.  If you have any questions, just ask in our forums.

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  1. I’m interested in joining a clan, though I have to admit I’m not active socially on this site I thought joining a clan might be a way to engage other members and a way to improve my game. It’s my understanding that you have to be invited to join a clan if you’re not going to start one. Is that correct?

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