Future Plans for Major Command Risk

We Have Future Plans

Many of you have been asking and wondering what the future plans of Major Command Risk will look like. So let me give you a glimpse in to some ideas we have been working on.
Future Plans Major Command Risk

Short term Plan

In the short term we plan to have a few surprises and fun stuff. There will be some special events where the whole community, including grunts, will be invited to participate. There will also be some long awaited additions to the site for everyone to enjoy. And of course, for our Strategists and Commanders, whom we greatly appreciate, we are planning to reward you for your long standing dedication and tolerance of all the ups and downs.

Long Term Plan

In the mid-long term, we plan on embarking on a major overhaul of the entire website. The result should provide seamless gameplay, fast responsiveness, and best of all, a whole bunch of new features that will provide endless amounts of enjoyment. This rewrite will include a whole lot of game testing and include community ideas and suggestions. We will be announcing in the future exactly how you can participate in shaping the game and the features you really want to see incorporated. Stay tuned for more announcements about the development which should start at the end of summer.

Meanwhile watch the DISPATCH for new announcements regarding some of the fun stuff we have planned!

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