Website Update – August, 2014

First Monthly Website Update

Major Command Risk Website Update

The first monthly website update for major Command Risk. We would like to give you a bit of insight as to what has been done so far behind the scenes, and what is being planned for the next month. Most of you can see the front-end things like Tournaments and stuff, but this is an update on what you don’t see. Our first month, July, was filled with a lot of administrative tasks pertaining to the website, as well as a long overdue housekeeping of it’s files.

Marcos our developer has a full-time job and has only been able to work for us on weekends. However, starting in mid-September, Marcos will be done with his contractual obligations giving him the ability to focus on Major Command full time. We look forward to that day!

This is by no means a complete list, but rather a general update of behind-the-scenes activity.

July website update

– administrative tasks relating to the transfer of site and domain ownership
– administrative tasks regarding site and server security
– backing up of database and server files
– creating a wiki file of site functionality
– identifying and documenting the mostly undocumented source code
– setting up a virtual environment to implement fixes and features.
– commissioning a new map
– increased vigilance with multi-accounts and fake users

Now that most the boring, yet necessary tasks are done, in August we hope to start seeing some changes, albeit slowly since Marcos still has other commitments until September. Nonetheless, this is a brief outlook at next month’s plan. Subject to change of course! 😉

August – another website update

– additional database maintenance and archival
– resolve 0-troop bug
– resolve ‘processing’ error
– resolve medals not being awarded issue
– continued vigilance with multi-accounts and fake users
– release a new map
– and….?

More to follow as things develop! Now go and start playing your favorite Risk games.
Major Command Risk Sheriff Sheriff.

29 thoughts on “Website Update – August, 2014”

  1. Really appreciate the updates Sheriff. Keeping players in the loop is very important.

    Also having you around daily replying to stuff in the forums is also reassuring.

    Very positive update, finally have some direction for the site so things are looking positive.

  2. Thanks alot Sheriff! This is something we as a community really appreciate and look forward too. Its very exciting to read about all the changes even if some are mundane, communication is just of the more important things that will keep us all together and going forward! 🙂

  3. Nice Job Sheriff! The new leadership has been awesome so far, and as everybody said, I think just constantly updating us is encouraging! Thanks for everything!

  4. Thanks too, Sheriff for the shot in the arm this community needed. Good to see everyone rallying. Thanks also to those who have stuck it out through some kinda tough times. Payoff’s a-coming.

    (Isn’t a 1-sided die a marble?)

  5. awesome news. thank you very much! some thoughts from my experiences. Pretty much every game, every turn, when I go to deploy or reinforce, the window will close and I have to re-do my country choice. It is independent of computer, though Firefox is my browser of choice. It happens 99% of the time. Also, something new from the past few months, after I have deployed after a battle, and chosen how many troops to move over, it asks me AGAIN, and over-rides my original choice. That totally blows. Feel free to message me for more details. Thanks for the progress!

    • Yes that happens to me too. After I click I always wait a few seconds to do the inevitable “second” click. It really slows down the flow of the game. I haven’t talked to Marcos specifically about this issue, but since a majority of problems are due to the oversized database, then I assume this was too. I will mention it to him tonight regardless. Stay tuned. Archiving the unnecessary parts of the database will drastically reduce it’s size and resolve a whole bunch of issues. It’s on our top 3 list, literally 🙂

  6. Good to see some serious focus on the improvement of the site for it’s members. Gives it a good chance of surviving in a ever expanding circle of competition from other gaming sites.

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