Bug Fixes: Stuck Game and 0-Troop

Major Command Risk Bug Fixes

Major Command Risk Bug Fixes

It looks like we have the two most detrimental bugs under our proverbial thumb.  Marcos, our resident developer has identified the issues and we will be implementing few bug fixes within the next 24 hours.

The first of the few planned bug fixes will be for the “stuck game” bug, where a player will eliminate all others, but the game won’t end.  Instead, displaying “jump to next” rather than “game over”.  These games remain permanently stuck.

The second of the few upcoming bug fixes will be for the 0-troop bug, where a region will have no troops on it, preventing the game from finishing.

We are making these bug fixes directly to the production server as there is still work to be done on the dev server.  This is important. If you encounter these two bugs going forward, please post the issue and game in this forum thread of the bugs forum.

We hope there are no unintended consequences, but you never know, be on the lookout.

Thank you all for your patience.  We will also work to unstick currently stuck games.

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  1. Good Job MrMarcos and you too Bado! I knew you guys would find that big brain bug!! Seriously, I know alot of people around here will be happy to hear it. Both of those have been plagues. Progress is progress!

  2. Hi,What up ? I was playing in a tourney of 3 teams *3 players . We played ’til we won! Then we played a game of the team mates vs. team mates.
    Then we played ’til one of us won!
    ParkerHawkeye, won the game! Thus the game should be over. The game is over, but it still shows up every time I log into MajCom!
    Could you fix this problem?

  3. I would like to see additional time added to your turn in speed game after the elimination of an opponent. It is impossible to eliminate every player in 3-5 minutes. Maybe add 1-2 minutes to allow for elimination.

  4. game 160169 is stuck. i took out one of the last two other guys. the remaining guy was awol. it gave him 24 hours. after 24 hours, i logged on and it said moving to next player, and it never would.

  5. Yea I ran into both bugs and it was a bit annoying but things seem to be fixed now at least I haven’t run into them in the last few moves. Just by the by the Movie Star Ship Troopers was a sick joke compared to the original Heinlein’s original book. A truely ill and twisted mind ruined a great work of science fiction and left it limp and morally bankrupt travesty of the original concept. But perhaps I digress??

    This might be a fix for players in this fix:

    Either at the beginning of the game or during the game – a country shows no troops. The player whose troops are invisible on that country can deploy on that country – and the troops will appear. Then that player can assault from their other countries.

    This probably makes no sense, but i tried

    gl 🙂

  7. i have had 2 stuck games for over week.

    can you just end them – give me the loss.



    every new game i start, i cannot finish.

    after a few turns, i cannot attack.

    so i ust lose

    which is ok

    i agree to lose the next 50 games

    just let me play

    i hink if you end those stuck games, it might free up my games somehow

    thank you

  8. can someone help me.
    how can i go AWOL vto end two games that have been stuck for 2 weeks.
    I think that is why whenever i enter another game, i cannot see my map


  9. I registered for a game 4/4. It is full but still in waiting and wont move. I cannot remove it. Since I am a grunt it is reducing my games to three plus the one that will not start or go away. What do I do.

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