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Major Command Risk Bugs

So as many of you know, things haven’t been running smoothly in the Major Command Risk. This site is sorely in need of a game engine recode to live up to its full potential and get the hell out of beta. Over the past 6 months, I have set out to find the right developer who can accomplish this task.  After a few false and drawn out starts, we have a new recruit up to the task. Cory is an excellent developer, and will be dedicating his Christmas vacation to getting us out of beta. Future Plans for Major Command Risk

Major Command Risk

While there are some bugs around tournaments and some other issues, the single biggest issue is the game performance. The current code is not up to par and for a modern web game to take so long and crash so readily is unacceptable.

We’re going to try to avoid patching up our current problems and instead to start over on the nuts and bolts that make up the game experience. If you are interested in the details, we will be continuing using PHP but using Symfony or CakePHP, we’ll be changing to a Redis for live games, and MySQL for the historical data. Flash will be dumped for html5 using canvas as well as jQuery. If you are a developer with experience in any of the above and interested in participating, let me know.

This all begins around the week of Christmas holidays and I promise to update you all as I know more about the progress and development. I’m not going to put an exact time frame on it as I’ve found that’s often inaccurate, but will keep y’all in the loop.

In the meantime, we will try to manage the issues as best as we can. We’ll be keeping an eye on the servers and errant scripts. I apologize in advance for any future issues.

And for all those people who have supported Major Command Risk by becoming a subscriber … Santa has come a little early this year.

Thanks for everything,


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  1. That sounds good, because outside the bugs and the slowness MajCom is a great site.
    I think we all know that time frames are difficult, but it is much appreciated to be kept in the loop.
    Good luck with the development – we look forward to it!

  2. I still consider myself very new to the site and am still learning my way around, but to hear about these active changes to improve the experience is exciting. To date, I have enjoyed the gaming tremendously, and the competition and players have all been wonderful, but I have withheld any final judgment because of bugs and little mishaps that have occurred. With these cleared up, fingers-crossed, in the near future, I would be much more likely to subscribe and support the site. Last thing I will say, the support here is awesome 🙂

  3. Excellent news!! Thanks for the update Mr. Badorties. All the best with it all and see you all aft the other. In the meantime there is the small issue of a kraken, some damned wrinkly generals on the starboard beam and those bally Saxons.
    Admiral Finisterre, Oslo Fjord..

  4. ? ob the new site. Will there be changes to the play? For example if you skip turn you should lose your troops or if you have 5 cards lose 2 of them. This will keep the possum players OUT as they kill and lag the game. FYI once fixed after a trial make subscription mandatory. Proof so many love this site is the rage when it goes down. Your the best, Tuscan

  5. Dumping Flash for HTML5 is a great decision. Don’t know if I will leave the sunny confines of conquerclub, but that decision makes it more possible at least. Go Oaktown whereever you are.

  6. Great news! One thing I personally would like to see is diplomatic truces on map. Like they could be represented by a cross on the border, then by hovering over you could see the details.
    Whether or not that’s viable, you guys are doing a great job! Keep it up

  7. i have a few ideas : we could start with the annoying red line witch lights up every time you send a chatter or a diplomacy message. Instead, the chatter or diplomacy button would light up? Another improvement great option would be a signal of some sort when your playing 2 or more games.
    Because i put my monitor full screen and there’s no place that i can offer except maybe the name flashes?
    I hope that this will help you offer new players an extra little something that other sites won’t have. Personally I love the site. I take the Slow times and the fast times. I can say this, because i’m not a paying member. There’s another tip that i’ve told you before, and that is to give it for free or make it a trial time.
    Merry Christmas to the staff and players!
    P.S.By the way! I’m getting the Christmas special!

  8. Can’t really find a better spot or way to convey this, and hoping and admin sees it, but the site very badly needs a resign button. Forcing the playing out of some games really limits the number of games a grunt can play and eliminates learning.
    Additionally being defeated in a multiplayer game should allow you to join another game. Having to wait until six or twelve or more games battle it out till the end will limit the amount of those games played. I want nothing to do with them, even five person games suck because if I’m out and people take full days, it takes weeks to finish that I could be playing. This doesn’t make me want to pay to join more games, It drives me to other sites. Sorry wanted to make that clear. Thanks, again hope someone catches this.

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