Battle Of The Belt – Season 2

Battle Of The Belt

Battle Of The Belt

Well, Season 1 of the Battle of the Belt has concluded.  It was a bit of an experiment in terms of format and we have made some changes to make it run smoother in Battle of the Belt Season 2.  But first let’s congratulate your season 1 winners.  If you are unaware, these are the best of the best (in their weight class)  in playing 1v1… to be feared and respected.

battle of the belt heavy weight

battle of the belt middle weight

battle of the belt light weight

Season 2

This season will run the same as season 1 except we will be keeping scoreboard in the wiki instead of a forum post.  This will allow multiple people to track and officiate the belts which will make it a smoother ride.  We have also taken out some of the confusing queueing rules.  This season KungFuDuet will be the head official, but if you are interesting in officiating then please let KFD know.  We could use some help.

Belt battles are one of the rare opportunity to pick up some bonus points.  Not only do you get the normal points for a win but each attainment of the belt is 150 points and each defending of the belt is 50 points.  Season 2 winners will receive 300 points.

So if you have one it takes … then sign up!
Season 2, singles 1v1 signups

We are also running a doubles belt this time!
Season 2, doubles 2v2 signups

The deadline for signups is Sept 21st.

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