My Experiences From Years of Gaming

Years Of Gaming – My Doubles Experiences

by legionbuck
(Major Command Risk Game Player and Blog Contributor)

After all these years of gaming I have a regular doubles partner here on Major Command, and we both migrated here from another site. Edsdad and I fought about 4 games against each other on the old site, then joined forces. That was on July 10, 2008… and we have been doubles partners for all these years of gaming. Playing with a partner for that long can get more involved than just playing tactics and styles.

I live in the Pacific NW, and Edsdad lives in Ottawa, Canada. We have never met face to face, and yet his family and mine have become intertwined. Through those years we have celebrated Canada Day and the Fourth of July via e-cards and video calls, have exchanged photos of stuff we do, discussed family events ( good and bad ), and have conversations on a weekly basis.

When you play on sites like this you might be surprised at who you play with that might become a part of your family. The members here are a friendly bunch ( one or two bad apples IMHO ), so when you are doing team games you might be surprised at the camaraderie that is possible from players you have no idea can become your friends.

12 thoughts on “My Experiences From Years of Gaming”

  1. Wow, great story Legionbuck 🙂
    I’ll have to try and get into some more games with you and edsdad!

    But you’re right about the community at majcom. You’re not going to find a nicer bunch of people anywhere else on the internet

  2. nice story.:) I see how that can happen if you play this for some long years… There are definitely some nice fellas on this site. I have never experienced personally people I interact on the internet until I started playing risk on MC

  3. Great story buck!. I like Andy a lot as well and it’s nice to know you have a soft center under that hard shell :b

    P.S – Have you forgiven me yet?

  4. Thanks for the story. It is very inspiring to hear how relationships on this remarkable site can develop and transform. To start from rivals and change to friends!

  5. You have been kind enough to share that with me in the past. It’s great, not because it’s a story, but because it is the truth. I have a few friends on the site that I would like to meet one day. I’ll start in the pacific north west. Hopefully in 2018. Make friends not enemies. Life is hard and short. Enjoy.

  6. Thanks legion buck. Believe it or not this site is the totality of my online socialization… And I had my suspicions, but thanks for confirming that the MC community is pretty cool. 🙂

  7. Very nice Buck! And I can add to the ones that say they’ve “met” some wonderful people on this site. There’s several on here that I would love to meet in person 1 day. Will it ever happen? Never say never! 😀

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