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Future of Major Command Games

As you may know, MajorCommand has been struggling financially. After a long debate, it has been determined that our best chance to stay financially viable is to do a major overhaul to our website and all our games. We will be trying to appeal to a more lucrative audience.

Over the next few months, we will slowly be fading out our “RISK” style conquest games. And as a replacement, we will be targeting the highly sought after 8-14 yr old female tween demographic. We will be introducing popular gaming titles such as ‘Pretty Pony Day Care’ and ‘Baby Barbie Makeover’.

We are aiming to launch our new website at the start of the new school year in September 2017. So you will still be able to enjoy the current RISK games we offer until the end of summer. Thanks for your understanding.

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Thank you for Playing
RISK at MajorCommand.
I hope you all enjoy the
First Day of April. πŸ™‚


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27 thoughts on “Changes to the Website”

  1. At first I thought you where announcing the launch of the new engine, then I was like wait what, then I was like wait what is the date. LOL Good One.

  2. First I thought Oh n,I finally got a site I really enjoy and now it’s going down the drain! Then I realized it’s fools day and hoped it was a joke! You guys are really a great team!

  3. It got me for a second when I was reading finding a more “lucrative audience” I was like what? Then, when I got to the Pink Pony remembered about April’s Fool. This site is awesome; I just contributed with a donation to make it even better!

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