My Experiences From Years of Gaming

Years Of Gaming – My Doubles Experiences

by legionbuck
(Major Command Risk Game Player and Blog Contributor)

After all these years of gaming I have a regular doubles partner here on Major Command, and we both migrated here from another site. Edsdad and I fought about 4 games against each other on the old site, then joined forces. That was on July 10, 2008… and we have been doubles partners for all these years of gaming. Playing with a partner for that long can get more involved than just playing tactics and styles.

I live in the Pacific NW, and Edsdad lives in Ottawa, Canada. We have never met face to face, and yet his family and mine have become intertwined. Through those years we have celebrated Canada Day and the Fourth of July via e-cards and video calls, have exchanged photos of stuff we do, discussed family events ( good and bad ), and have conversations on a weekly basis.

When you play on sites like this you might be surprised at who you play with that might become a part of your family. The members here are a friendly bunch ( one or two bad apples IMHO ), so when you are doing team games you might be surprised at the camaraderie that is possible from players you have no idea can become your friends.

Major Command Second Family

Major Command as a Second Family

by legionbuck
(Major Command Risk Game Player and Blog Contributor)

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Recently I have read a few posts in The Mess that has a player venting about family issues . We all can use some vent time for various reasons. What I find so amazing is the fact those issues expressed in The Mess show a depth of personal experiences that someone would not disclose unless they felt completely at ease with posting them in public ( so to speak ) and carry a heavy dose of personal pain that normally no one would disclose to people.

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I will not name that player out of respect for them, but be it known that Major Command contributing to being an outlet for this kind of discourse is therapeutic in more ways than the usual game site can provide. We have some very special people as members, and [some challenging ones]. With that said, it goes to show that our members have experiences and lives that sometimes need an ear to relieve stress, The responses I saw to that particular thread were compassionate and encouraging. THAT is what makes Major Command special ! Players form partnerships, friendships, and count on there being the same type of members. Ya just can’t find that on other sites, or at least that has been my experience.

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The people here are fantastic, and Major Command will continue to not only provide gaming fun but when ya need a friend you can find one here. I might suggest another forum slot… for personal stuff that would be considered classified info and posters can send “read permission” passwords to others they want to discuss things and keep it private. Just a thought… Semper Fi !

by legionbuck