Speed Up The Game – May Upgrade (Milestone 8)

Speed Up The Game

Speed up the game, more Assassin Medals, more Rank Medals for players who have reached Executive General or higher. From now on you would be able to play your favorite risk games at fast loading speed.
Play Risk game at higher speed

Update Summary

So anyone who was here last year is aware that this site had seen some troubled times. Most of us remember freezes, crashes, 0-troop bugs, and general unplayability. And to top it all off, we didn’t even get Medals!

Well, a lot of that is in the past now, this is not to say that things are perfect, there are still bugs, glitches, and logs, but for the most part, things are WAY better than they were and we are not constantly “rebooting the server”! – We also have medals now too! πŸ™‚

Now the ultimate goal has always been a complete recode, but patching up the immediate problems has taken time away from reaching that goal. That is about to change. From this point forward, we will no longer focus on daily bug fixing, and we will go full speed forward with the recode. We think we have done as much as we can to make the site as “playable” as it can be under the current code structure, and now we are going to focus on making it totally awesome! No more risk of slow loading games.

The First thing

I would like to mention, is that we have hired a new coder! Georgy (a power Risk game player) will be assisting Marcos in this recode. Things should really speed up once Marcos has finished establishing a workable environment for him


Speaking of medals, we have more Medals! We are introducing our absolutely gorgeous Assassin Medals! And yes, they will be retroactive, so if you have been slack in playing an assassin, it’s not too late to get your Assassin on!

Assassin Medals bronzeAssassin Medals silverAssassin Medals goldAssassin Medals onyx


Speaking of Medals. Back in March we introduced Rank Medals for players who have reached Executive General or higher. Those medals were only available to the player who reached that rank recently, however, with this current update, we should also be able to award those Medals retroactively. So if you were a Legion General 2 years ago, hold your hat, a new shiny Rank Medal should be coming your way!


The donations drive will be ending shortly. We are close to 100 donors and expect to be there by the end of the month. If not, I will put a deadline of midnight May 31 on it regardless of the count. Which means that next month you should all be expecting extended memberships, exclusive tournament invites, and a new service award on your profile page. But that is not all you should expect, you should all expect great thanks and gratitude knowing that you have all helped fund the last 2 months of fixes and coding. That generous contribution has paved the way for us to not only have a semi-functional site but to also start a new code base and help move forward with some more awesomeness!


Thank you all again immensely for all your support!
You know the drill!
Wish us luck!

Sheriff Badge major command risk

18 thoughts on “Speed Up The Game – May Upgrade (Milestone 8)”

  1. Gotta admit, those look nice. Unfortunately i don’t have a single Assin to my name. Looks like I will be bumped down the scoreboard some.

    Can Real Time be next? I would have a gold in that.

    • I would say yes, but our real-time games are not as smooth flowing as I would like them to be. I don’t want to put a strain on real-time until we have a better system. So the RT medals will have to wait. Sorry! (But they are made and they do look cool too!)

  2. Hiya Sheriff! Could you add at least one note which day and time we are talking about here? I don’t need the usual time zones list, but one time zone would suffice.

  3. :O
    The audio notification…
    It’s by far the thing I’m most looking forward to!!! (even if it is a long way down the pipeline)
    Plus super nice looking medals as always too πŸ™‚

    As usual awesome job Mr Sheriff and Marcos! Keep up the super job your doing and give a big welcome to Georgy as well, I’m sure he’s going to do a super job πŸ™‚

  4. Suggestion for next rewards fundraiser =

    Starting at the bottom of the board a Tour of Duty ribbon bar :

    bronze JR DEPUTY
    silver gets DEPUTY
    gold gets SR DEPUTY
    onyx gets INSPECTOR ? WATCH CMDR ?

    I’m sure the New Sheriff can come up with something brilliant for the onyx slot….

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