New Map: The Twelve Domains map

The Twelve Domains map

The new twelve domains map has arrived. We at Major Command are starting off 2012 in style with our gorgeous new map designed and executed by our Studio chief himself, Shepherd.

Isn’t it pretty…

The Twelve Domains Risk Game Map


Now the twelve domains map is quite different than other maps so you should understand how it works before you jump right in. In this video, Shepherd fills you in on the mechanics and how to use those dreadful dragons.

There is more info on its wiki page and also a thread in the forums.  So let us know your thoughts on our first conquest map.  Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “New Map: The Twelve Domains map”

  1. I didnt realise we were getting different game play as well as new maps.
    I have been looking forward to new maps for ages just didnt know the game style was changing with it.
    I know you been working really hard and well done it is a great map honest… but can we have a few new maps with the CURRENT/ORIGINAL style of game play please

    King regards. Stone

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