Major Command and Lulzim present BARBAROSSA!

New Game Map – Barbarossa

We here at Major Command, (The best online Risk game website ever!) we were very excited and surprised when a long time player, Lulzim, contacted us with an idea for a new map. Actually, it was more than just an idea, he had practically finished it! – And within the course of a few weeks, we had the map uploaded, and ready to test with our Play Testers! If all goes well, we will have this map available to all our players within a couple weeks.

Meanwhile, please read more and welcome the newest addition to our map family – Barbarossa!

Operation Barbarossa

This map is beautifully designed and has a style reminiscent of the classic Risk board game map. Barbarossa utilizes all the fun features that make online Risk a fun game to play.

Operation Barbarossa Board Game Map
Operation Barbarossa Risk Game Map

Barbarossa features several small quick Commands that will keep the game fast and tight. It will be a challenge for even the most experienced players for a long time to come!

Some features include:

  • Auto Deploys
  • 1-Way Attacks
  • Bombardments
  • Small Quick Commands
  • and Ships


And We Have New Medals!

And what is even more exciting, are these amazing new medals Lulzim designed for this great Risk game map!


Soon you will be able to take the challenge to be the first player to capture these great medals and be victorious in Operation Barbarossa!

Don’t forget to give a big shout out to a Lulzim for all his hard work in creating this newest online Risk game map!


Making of Barbarossa Medals
Making of Barbarossa Medals

Have fun everyone!


18 thoughts on “Major Command and Lulzim present BARBAROSSA!”

  1. Wow this is right my street and I think for many players. The historical dimension is something good to see in developing the game. Great work Major Command and can’t wait to play! πŸ™‚

  2. QUESTION…..Why does a bomb appear on E.Prussia when you hightlight it but it dosnt have the extra bomb drop facility?…The same thing happens onS.Norway where if you highlight it the parachute symbol comes up but again it dosnt actually have that facility?….as I said like the board won 2 of the 3 games I was in so who wouldn’t?…lol

    • You are still play testing version 1 of the map, with the original set of rules.

      The map will soon been updated to version 2, where you can bomb E. Prussia and Send Troops to S. Norway.

      Currently only the image (of the bomb when you highlight) has been updated so far. The actual rules for version 2 won’t be updated until all the original playtest games have finished.

      So just wait a week, and then you’ll get an invite to playtest version 2, with the ability to bomb E. Prussia and some other enhancements. πŸ™‚

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