Beta Awards – Play Risk Beta

Play Risk Beta Awards

Play Risk free online and fight for Beta Awards. Some of you may be seeing a new service award on your user pages. We wanted to recognize users who have contributed to playing Major Command Risk beta with bug reports and suggestions. Did you remember the Private Beta? We have reached 1000 active users, which is a cap that was set so we can get a handle on growth. However you can still invite your friends from the start a game page. Just add their email to the ‘others’ forum. Like so. As long as they use the email you put in to sign up with, they should be fine.

The Bronze beta awards are to commemorate Notable Service to the Risk Beta Phase

Play Risk Beta Awards bronze

While the Silver beta awards are to commemorate Distinguished Service to the Risk Beta Phase

Play Risk Beta Awards silver

There is a gold beta award out there, but that will be awarded upon completion of the beta phase. We will also be doing more beta awards rounds at that time to get all the new folks contributing as well as upgrading those to are going above and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who submitted sugg and bug posts. The criteria and list of inductees were developed by Orbotron so if you feel like you deserve the award and were not given one, just let one of us know. Many thanks to Orbo for his work in this effort.

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