Game Performance Boost Update

Game Performance Boost

This game performance boost, it will be for a major speed up to Major Command Risk! Our Database is way too large. It takes far too long for the game engine to search for all the relevant information each time a player takes their turn. This slowness in data retrieval is what causes such problems like the “zero-troop” bug, missing troops, maps not loading, and a lot of the other issues that has plagued MC for the last year.

Risk Game Performance Boost

Our plan is to archive all the data that is not needed for immediate access by the game engine. The old game data is still available for the game engine to access whenever needed, but it won’t be part of the main database, thereby reducing the time for the game engine to find the really important information, like information relating to current active games. This archival could reduce the database size by over 50%, and hopefully eliminate the conditions that cause all these errors to occur. So lots of work is approaching to complete the upcoming game performance boost.

Will the Game Performance Boost fix the “zero troop bug”?

Let me be clear. The “zero troop bug” is not actually a bug. It is not a simple line of code that needs to be fixed. It is a result of other issues like the database size. Reducing the database size won’t “fix” the “zero-troop bug”, but it will create a condition where that particular bug is far less likely to occur. Hopefully never again. It will also minimize or eliminate other poor performance issues as well.

This is not the end. It is a major fix moving forward, but it is still only a patch up job. The goal is to create a structure where these issues will simply not exist. We are currently working on two projects. First is to repair the current game site, and second is to create a new, better, updated, and more functional one.

As with every update, there is a chance of fixing one thing, and breaking another. Hopefully, the fallout will be minimal this time. This database contains EVERYTHING ever done by anyone on MC. And we don’t want to mess it up. So be patient, and WISH US LUCK !! 🙂


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  1. Auckland @2100? Sweet, that bug annoys me. So all the old inactive ones are being compressed? Deleted? Not available to the public? Or did I interpret it completely wrong? Awesome anyway, love the updates and communication!

  2. Yes, the new website will be HTML5, not flash. But that is still a long way to go. We need to build a new framework and recode the game engine. But yes, one day soon, it should be mobile.

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