What I Always Wanted To Be

What I Always Wanted To Be

by CKO
(Major Command Risk Game Player and Blog Contributor)

T his is something very difficult for me to express and to write, it’s like my life summary and a thanks to all parents who think of good education for their kids. I hope it’s of some use.

El Salvador

In school I always wanted to have friends, but as the new kid l it was no easy task, the only person I knew was my cousin, with whom I played all sort of videogames, now that I think carefully about the things we had during those times in a third world country (El Salvador), it’s no easy task nor luck. My parents always wanted me to be the best of my school, but I didn’t really like to do homework and stuff like that, they always remembered me about how they didn’t earn money easily for my education; so here private schools are pretty expensive, they are worth more than the lowest salary, yep a rough situation if you raise three kids in the same type of educational system for 11 years.

Best grades all the time, we had this kind of competition between classmates, I couldn’t get them, but my mom kept encouraging me for success, after sixth grade the mathematics went overboard, those who couldn’t understand algebra where left behind while the other could keep on with tougher mathematics and they separated us in to two ranks the high grade class also known as the “nerd” and the low grade class, where all the trouble makers where. I was in the “nerd class” where we learned Calculus, but I didn’t felt that intelligent at all.

After the graduating from school, at the local universities we all had to take an IQ test, and a shock for me I was at a very high percentage, so I asked myself what would my parents feel comfortable for me to study, a great challenge for me and I started medical studies. With big hopes of myself I went through with it, and it was very difficult. I couldn’t bare the obligations to be a medical student, so I paused my studies and went to an institute in Germany to learn a new language German, after the long period of time there I realized that most of my friends there had a low education in a first world country, I don’t like to compare myself with others but that opened my eyes, my first class education in a third world country, was as a good as a high education in a first world country.

I returned to my lovely, poor and dangerous country where I keep studying medicine.

I just want to thank all parents who risk their salary for their kids’ education! thank you all!

by CKO

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