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Multiple Accounts – Major Command Risk

Having multiple accounts at Major Command Risk game is against the Community Rules. In fact, creating one is against the number 1 rule of Major Command Risk. Doing so will get you banned. However, this hasn’t stopped many people from creating and using multiple accounts to cheat the system.

Through the investigative efforts of the MCICC, we have already banned numerous multiple account users. Up until now, finding and ferreting out multiple accounts has been a difficult and manual process. But I am very pleased to announce the newest member of the Major Command Risk team, M.A.R.T.H.A.

Martha multiple accounts risk game

MARTHA or Multiple Account Real-Time Heuristic Analysis is a 1.4 Teraflop, a super computer capable of analyzing millions of IPs, game theory, and behavior correlations in real time.

We have not run her at full capacity yet, but when we do, she will spit out a long list of suspected and likely multiple accounts which will then be investigated by the MCICC.

Do you have multiple accounts?

If you do, you have nothing to fear just yet.  You have one week to turn in your multiple accounts by making a post in the private support forums. If you do this, you will have amnesty against all bannings. If you do not turn in your multiple accounts, you will be detected, investigated and permanently IP banned without warning.

Once again, if you have multiple accounts you can either,

  1. Turn in all your multiple accounts by posting in the private support forums and continue playing Major Command Risk.
  2. Do nothing and get permanently banned.

If you are unclear about whether you have multiple accounts or not, it’s a good idea to make a post in the private support forums anyways, just to clear your name. Only top-level admins can access the private support forums so your posts will be kept confidential.

This offer is in effect until Friday, March 18th, Midnight, EST, which is when M.A.R.T.H.A comes online.

We would like to thank Evan and ORNL for the M.A.R.T.H.A integration.

14 thoughts on “Surrender your multiple accounts”

  1. marketing guys are funny… love to name things.

    It was actually called “multifinder” during development. But MARTHA is cool too!

    Either way, MARTHA is more likely to find false-positives then it is to just miss a multi… so I would not mess with her, were I you.

  2. Rest assured that while MARTHA will detect all possibly instances of multiple accounts, the MCCIC which is quite human and capable will investigate the instances and things like brothers or family members on the same computer are easy to spot and not against the rules. So you are all good, MTR.

  3. Just a reminder that some of us have an account on DevCom, which I assume MARTHA can tell is different than our primary player MajCom account.


  4. omigod… MARTHA was designed by SKYNET… What if MARTHA becomes self aware? this could be the end of the world as we know it… well, for cheaters anyway, lol

  5. So we all are allowed to create multis and cheat at liberty till the 18th.

    y u no tell me sooner?

    BTW: my previous provider was called skynet; terrible customer service (it takes hours talking to a machine before they produce a human).

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