Thank you for your Donations….

Here at MajorCommand we take our Game Playing seriously. This website is totally owned and run by players just like you. It costs hundreds and sometimes a thousand dollars a month to maintain and improve your playing experience. We do not make enough from memberships alone to cover these costs, so Donations are greatly needed and welcomed. Every little penny helps!

When you Donate you will be given this awesome Service Award to proudly be displayed on your Profile Page.

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Please click on the Donate Button above to help improve the site you love!

Thank you!

* IMPORTANT * UPDATE 4 * May 28 *

Please note that while the Rewards board is now officially closed, we will still be gratefully accepting any donations of any amount at anytime. And in appreciation we will be awarding you with this awesome service award that is shown above for your generosity.



A special and great big THANKS to everyone who has contributed to upgrade! We have raised enough for 204 more hours of coding! That should get us well on our way to having the best user supported site on the net!

This site is truly a player supported site. It is probably the only site that is run and funded by the players themselves. It shows exactly how dedicated we are in keeping this game alive and to making it better every month we go forward. Everyone should be proud of the support they gave, regardless of which position you ended up in. (especially if you ended up in 11th!)

The awards, extensions, and tournaments, will be given out as soon as we can. We have another update happening in 2 days so our focus is on that for now. ASSASSIN MEDALS ARE COMING !! But immediately after the upgrade we will get back to some more fun.

Once again a great big THANKS to everyone who support this great site of ours. Things are only getting better!

P.S. If you would like to confirm whether your position on the board is accurate, then you can always politely ask the player above and below you how much they contributed. Your amount, of course, should be the same or in-between theirs.

Thanks and good luck on the battlefield!

* IMPORTANT * UPDATE 3 * May 26 *



110% of Donations go DIRECTLY to pay for the New Game Engine, Upgrades, and New Features. Not one penny ever goes anywhere else.
A summary of the expenditures are at the bottom of the Scoreboard.


* IMPORTANT * UPDATE 2 * May 23 * There are less than 5 positions available on the RewardsBoard. Once we fill all 100 spots, then the following will happen:

1) If you donate AFTER the 100th player, and you are currently NOT on the board, then you will still receive a 6 month extension (regardless of donation amount) and you will also receive a special non-ranking donors Service Award to be displayed on your Profile page.
2) Once we receive donation #100, a 48 hour clock will start. This will allow players to assess their position and have time for an addition contribution if they feel it necessary.
3) No more update will be posted until the clock runs out it’s 48 hour countdown
4) After the 48 hours, the board will be refreshed and the final results will be displayed
5) Rewards will start being awarded at the beginning of June, namely membership extensions, Service Awards, and exclusive tournaments. Alpha and beta testing will commence once it is available.

Thank you and good luck!

* UPDATE 1* From this point forward, we will immediately extend your membership by 6 months once your donation is received and processed. After the donations campaign has concluded, the remainder of the awards will be allocated, including any extra membership time you are entitled to.

============ Please Read ============

– The amount of your donation will not be shown, but will be used to determine your position on the Rewards Board.

– Donations are cumulative. Meaning if you give $10 one day, and then $10 three weeks later, your position on the board will be represented by a $20 donation.

– The board is Not automatic. It will be manually updated as often as possible. Everyday when possible.

– Any amount is GREATLY appreciated, but only donations of $10 or more will be recorded on the Rewardsboard.

– If two or more Players give the same amount, and they are split between two reward tiers, then they will both receive the Higher reward. For Example: If the Player in position 41 gave the same amount as the Player in Position 40, then they will BOTH get the GOLD Reward. And the player in position 41 will have a “- Gold” next to their name indicating they are in a Higher category.

– Players who give the same amount will also be listed alphabetically. For example, if all the players in position 36-44 all gave the same amount, then their names will be listed alphabetically, and they will also receive the same reward, which would be Gold in this example.

PLEASE REMEMBER to put your USER NAME (Player’s Name) in the NOTE section when making the donation. It is very difficult to match the donations with your Player’s Name useless you tell us who you are. You can use the “Donate” button at the bottom of the screen to get the process started. Thank you.

– New Rewards may be added over time, appearance of Service Award may change, and other minor variations might occur. Any reward changes will be replaced by something of equal or greater value.

– The Rewards will be handed out shortly after the Reward Board has been filled by 100 Players. It may take some time to process all the rewards. Donations will still be accepted anytime afterwards, but will only be logged on the board if they are received within 48 hours of the 100th person being recorded.

Thank you!




ONYX Service Award

ONYX Service Award on your Profile Page

GOLD Commander Membership for 3 Years

FIRST Invite to Play Test New Maps (When New Maps are Released)

EXCLUSIVE Invite for Phase 1 Testing of the New Alpha Website

FIRST invite to Play Test Alpha Phase 2, Beta Phase 3 and Beta Phase 4 of the New Website

EXCLUSIVE invite to play 10 player, 1000 point Tournament Game (Breakdown tbd)

2 Malpot
3 legionbuck
4 spirop
5 th-child
6 markattax
7 dagnasty2
8 CaptSweatpants
9 gravity
10 Tapeworm
11 Cardinalsrule

GOLD Service Award

GOLD Service Award on your Profile Page

GOLD Commander Membership for 2 Years

SECOND in Line to Play Test New Maps (When New Maps are Released)

SECOND in Line to Play Test Alpha Phase 2 of the New Website (Limited Spots. Invites will be sent from the top down until filled)

GUARANTEED OPPORTUNITY to Play Test Phase 3 and the Final Phase 4 of the New Beta Website before it goes live.

EXCLUSIVE invite to play Gold Only (approx 30 player), 500 point Tournament Game (Breakdown tbd)

12 bcr914
13 Robinette
14 marc369
15 edsdad
16 Stone123
17 linkintheory13
18 calume
19 Eunoia
20 sundicekid
21 PackerHawkeye
22 Pyth
23 Sebrim
24 BeanZ
25 zonie
26 BigShoes23
27 Blublank
28 bugboy194
30 ne4osu1970
31 rob6483
32 rperry96
33 TheGeneral
34 thone
35 VanVonSchweetz
36 wpbrj
37 Tyro
38 riskyone
39 sannheten
40 AAFitz
41 BroncoBlue89 – GOLD

SILVER Service Award

SILVER Service Award on your Profile Page

GOLD Commander Membership for 1 Year

SECOND in Line to Play Test Phase 3 of the New Beta Website (Limited Spots. Invites will be sent from the top down until filled)

GUARANTEED OPPORTUNITY to Play Test the Final Phase 4 of the New Beta Website before it goes live.

* NEW * EXCLUSIVE invite to play Silver Only (approx 30 player), 300 point Tournament Game (Breakdown tbd)

42 Chefsmitty – GOLD
43 sensadrome – GOLD
44 ericjkline
45 MadJack
46 BallzDeep
47 BudH
48 hampus123
49 masterjskye
50 rhinez0r
51 tsmith989
52 Wort
53 flyboi
54 elricsbiscuit
55 palmono
56 Ralfrood
57 twhayes7
58 jbrenner01
59 8
60 Patsfan44
61 BadElmer
62 airwick
63 boogie726
64 bouttreefiddy
65 Cain-Rising
66 DaddyOh
67 dudeiamgood
68 Fieldmarshall
69 gfunk74
70 gipper624
71 joeguarin – SILVER

BRONZE Service Award

BRONZE Service Award on your Profile Page

GOLD Commander Membership for 6 Months

GUARANTEED OPPORTUNITY to Play Test the Final Phase 4 of the New Beta Website before it goes live.

* NEW * EXCLUSIVE invite to play Bronze Only (approx 30 player), 100 point Tournament Game (Breakdown tbd)

72 LordAdef – SILVER
73 mvpoker – SILVER
74 namelochil – SILVER
75 needpapertowel – SILVER
76 onesimus17 – SILVER
77 roaddog6369 – SILVER
78 Rockland38 – SILVER
79 StudioCity – SILVER
80 indysteve
81 dorcee
82 gtivan
83 iamjwal
84 generalmuck
85 ndrm31
86 Chilly
87 Mateous
88 Mog
89 Augie79
90 Cagey
91 IronDuke
92 ket1011
93 LeCBass
94 Maren
95 Schnet2
96 shamusyoder
97 Springsteen
98 Stugotz
99 trailblazer
100 Wisescarab



As of May 28th, the First 100 Donations have gone directly to pay for

10 New Medals
2 New Rank Insignia
and 204 more hours of coding! (Which has resulted in countless bug fixes, and a massive restructuring of the code which provides less work for the server, faster response time, better delivery of content, and eventually the ability in the future to seamlessly add new and exciting features! Thank you all!)

70 thoughts on “Thank you for your Donations….”

    • Medals are -> 2000 points, 3000 points, 4000 points, 5000 points, 6000 points, Executive General, Legion General, Grand General, General of the High Command, and Major Commander.

      Rank Insignia are -> General of the High Command, and Major Commander (4 Versions of Each)

      Also now, Fivers and Sixers Medals too, but I made them so no money was spent. 🙂

        • The Major Commander Medal is tricky because it is not awarded by using the same rules as the other Medals. A new class for players that reach number 1 have to be created, then the medal can be awarded. Same with the Major Commander Rank Insignia, which is even more tricky because it is not score based, but yet replaces score based Rank Insignia. Those will probably came after the rest the of the medals are created, unless Marcos feels especially inspired on his free time. (I wish!)

    • Hi rockctr

      Thanks for your support!

      I’m not sure if the system accepts anything other than Paypal and Credit Cards. Perhaps you can use a debit card if it has a visa or mastercard symbol on it? Maybe? Not sure.

      Just click on the Donate button and see how far you can get.

      If it doesn’t work, no worries, just keep playing and enjoy the site!

      Thanks and good luck!

  1. I’ll just say hats off to you Sheriff!! You’ve really taken a lot of steps to improve things. Things I’m sure that Bado would be proud of. I’m impressed. Seriously, you’re doing enough work that we can physically see that you seem to be doing ok w/ the donations. I’m sure it seems like it’ll never be enough, but we all appreciate it! I guess what you dont get in donations, just take in self satisfaction that you’re doing a great job!! Keep it up Sheriff!!!

  2. This might of been asked before…
    It says that if you’ve donated the same amount as the last person in a specific level, that you would qualify for that level as well….right? I understand not posting the amounts, but is there anyway of knowing bf time expires if you are equal to say, the 10th spot or not. I try to give what I can, but hate to miss out on the rewards difference for a few more dollars!

      • Hi Chef,

        That’s a good question. People that donate the same amount are placed in alphabetical order, and yes, currently there are players on the top of Gold that will get Onyx, and Players on top of Silver that will get Gold.

        I haven’t figured out exactly what I’ll do at the end, but I guess I’ll let those players who qualify for Onyx know where they stand even if their name is in 11th or 12th position. And the same for the other groups. And I will probably give everyone extra time to top up if they feel like. Once we get to 90+ donors, then i’ll clear up the details a bit more.

        Thanks and Good Luck!

  3. OK, Sheriff…I FINALLY got thru the PayPal roadblock !

    With all the hassles and hoops I jumped thru ya think I deserve a JR DEPUTY tour of duty ribbon bar ?

  4. I just donated.

    “PLEASE REMEMBER to put your USER NAME (Player’s Name) in the NOTE section when making the donation.”

    I read that first and STILL didn’t do it. Let me know if you need any info to get “credit” for it.

  5. Hey Sheriff… did u get my pm about sending $ on paypal (at 7:15PM Pacific time on 5/26/15) but I forgot to put who it’s for. I realized it the second I hit the confirm button, just like a bad fort, lol…

    Thanks, and sorry for the extra bother.

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