Christmas Medals Extravaganza!

In celebration of the Holidays, we are having a Major Command Medals Extravaganza!

Christmas Medals Mini

We have 4 new Mercenary Medals


Mercenary Medals will be given out for UDOs earned in a Mercenary Game. You get 1 UDO for each unique player you eliminate during the game. You DO NOT have to “win” the game to get a Mercenary UDO. You just need to eliminate another Player!

The “winner” of the game will get credit for the game win, the standard UDOs for the Game Map, and a Mercenary UDO for each Player they eliminated, which is not necessarily more than one, only for the number of Players they eliminate.


And 6 New Victory Medals!



Victory Medals will be awarded based on the number of Games you win. 

I = 1 Game Won
V = 5 Games Won
X = 10 Games Won
L = 50 Games Won
C = 100 Games Won
D = 500 Games Won
M = 1000 Games Won

9 thoughts on “Christmas Medals Extravaganza!”

  1. hi, is there a way to surrender, in real time games if i know i will lose i hate to just leave and make the other guys wait 5 minutes, i know it will awol me evntually but thought a surrender button would be nice

    • We do not have a surrender button yet, but it is on our list of things to do. It would be a good feature.

      Meanwhile you can always start and end your turn right away to make it faster.

      Good luck!

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